International Journal of Instruction
Kapak Resmi
ISSN 1694-609X | e-ISSN 1308-1470 | Başlangıç: 2015 | Yayıncı İnönü Üniversitesi |

International Journal of Instruction

ISSN 1694-609X | e-ISSN 1308-1470 | Başlangıç: 2015 | Yayıncı İnönü Üniversitesi |
Kapak Resmi


Yıl: 2014 Cilt: 7 Sayı: 1 Son Sayı
Cilt 7 - Sayı 1 - Ara 2013
  1. Parental Expectation and Religious Education in State Schools in Turkey: The Case of Imam Hatip High Schools

    Engin Aslanargun, Abdurrahman Kilic, Sinan Bozkurt
  2. Working Together: How Teachers Teach and Students Learn in Collaborative Learning Environments

    Mary Burns, Elizabeth Pierson, Shylaja Reddy
  3. French abstracts

  4. Language Development of the Preschool Children: The Effects of an Audio-Visual Intervention Program in Delhi

    Sushanta Kumar Roul
  5. Examining Approval and Disapproval Behaviors of Teachers Working in Inclusive Classrooms

    Nevin Guner Yildiz, Elif Sazak Pinar
  6. The Relationship between Instructor Humor Orientation and Students’ Report on Second Language Learning

    Ali Ziyaeemehr, Vijay Kumar
  7. Arabic abstracts

  8. The Impact of Implicit Tasks on Improving the Learners’ Writing in Terms of Autonomy and Grammatical Accuracy

    Nastaran Nazari
  9. Learning Responsibility and Balance Of Power

    Sefika Sumeyye Cam, Eylem Unal Oruc
  10. Assessing Principals’ Quality Assurance Strategies in Osun State Secondary Schools, Nigeria

    - Fasasi, Yunus Adebunmi, - Oyeniran, - Saheed
  11. Assessment Beliefs and Practices of Language Teachers in Primary Education

    Dr. Kagan Buyukkarci
  12. Making Sense of Experienced Teachers’ Interactive Decisions: Implications for Expertise in Teaching

    Bahar Gun
  13. Competitive Team-Based Learning versus Group Investigation with Reference to the Language Proficiency of Iranian EFL Intermediate Students

    Seyed Mohammad Hassan Hosseini
  14. From The Editor

    Orhan Akınoglu
  15. Observing Pair-Work Task in an English Speaking Class

    Diana Achmad, Yunisrina Qismullah Yusuf
  16. Turkish abstracts

  17. Technology in Note Taking and Assessment: The Effects of Congruence on Student Performance

    Matthew E. Barrett, Alexander B. Swan, Ani Mamikonian, Inna Ghajoyan, Olga Kramarova, Robert J. Youmans