Eurasian Journal of Environmental Research

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The Eurasian Journal of Environmental Research is an open access, double-blind peer reviewed, bi-annual international journal that publishes original research articles, short papers and critical reviews on all aspects of Environmental Science and Technology. These comprise, but are not limited to,


- Pollution Control Technologies,

- Global Environmental Change,

- Water Quality,

- Water and Wastewater Treatment,

- Solid Waste Management,

- Emerging Pollutants,

- Hazardous Substances and Risk Analysis,

- Environmental Chemistry,

- Environmental Microbiology,

- Noise Pollution and Control,

- Air Pollution and Control,

- Environmental Modelling.


Additionally, relevant topics incorporating the methodologies and state of the art of disciplines such as Environmental Management Policies, Ecosystems and Natural Resources Management, Ecology, Hydrology and Water Resources Management, Clean Energy and Sustainability are included.


Peer Review Statement


Eurasian Journal of Environmental Research is an international, ranked, peer-reviewed journal which publishes original research contributions to scientific knowledge.


All manuscript submissions are subject to initial appraisal by the Editor, and, if found suitable for further consideration, to peer review by independent, anonymous expert referees.  We aim for a turnaround time of 4 weeks from submission to first decision.




Articles should be provided in electronic form (as Microsoft Word file) and comply with the instructions. Authors must submit their manuscript by using our online submission systemAfter your submission, please do not forget to send the Copyright Release Form by mail or cargo. 

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