European Journal of Forest Engineering

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European Journal of Forest Engineering (EJFE) is a semi-annual peer-reviewed research journal published by Forest Engineering and Technologies Platform in Turkey.

EJFE is an international scientific journal that aims to publish pure and applied researches in the field of forest engineering and technologies. The journal offers original research articles and subject reviews addressing the following of main topics;

  • Forest harvesting and transportation
  • Forest road planning and construction
  • Best management practices to protect soil and water resources
  • Sustainable management of multi-use natural resources
  • Small-scale forest operations
  • Engineering economics, cost estimation
  • Ergonomics, training, safety
  • Engineering solutions for natural disasters
  • Precision forestry and IT applications in forestry activities

EJFE is dedicated to provide an international forum for presenting high quality empirical and theoretical articles concerning technical, economic, and social aspects of forest operations and technologies.

Aim and Scope

European Journal of Forest Engineering is a peer-reviewed open access journal, which publishes high scientific level research articles and subject reviews, exclusively in English, on topics dealing with forest engineering and technologies. The aims of EJFE are to report existing practices and innovations presented by scientists and professionals in the field of forest engineering, to encourage communication between academic/research institutions and industry, and to bridge the gap between researchers and decision makers. 


Abbreviated Journal Title

The official abbreviated journal title is Eur J Forest Eng  


Publication Period

European Journal of Forest Engineering is published in two issues (in June and December) per year.

Exchange with Scientific Journals

Journal of the Faculty of Forestry Istanbul University – (JFFIU) ISSN: 0535-8418  E-ISSN: 1309-6257 



Prof.Dr. Abdullah E. Akay

Bursa Technical University, Faculty of Forestry, Forest Engineering Department, 16330 Bursa, Turkey

Phone: +90-224-3003426


Volume: 3 Issue: 2 Son Sayı
Cilt 3 - Sayı 2 - Ara 2017
  1. Evaluation of logging operations in terms of sustainable forest management
    Sayfalar 78 - 84
    Saliha Unver Okan, Selcuk Gumus, H. Hulusi Acar
  2. Effect of Subsurface Materials on Earthwork Operation Costs of Forest Road
    Sayfalar 44 - 51
    Iman Pazhouhan, Akbar Najafi, Abolghasem Kamkar Rouhani, Javad Vahidi
  3. Analyzing Compatibility of Geometrical Parameters of Logging Vehicles and Forest Roads
    Sayfalar 52 - 60
    Murat Demir, Mustafa Akgül, Tolga Öztürk
  4. Potential Contribution of Optimum Bucking Method to Forest Products Industry
    Sayfalar 61 - 65
    Abdullah E. Akay
  5. Visibility Analysis of Fire Watchtowers Using GIS; A Case Study in Dalaman State Forest Enterprise
    Sayfalar 66 - 71
    Merih Göltaş, Tufan Demirel, İnci Çağlayan
  6. Productivity Analysis of Chute System integrated with Portable Winch and Synthetic Rope for Uphill Logging Operation
    Sayfalar 72 - 77
    Neşe Gülci, Abdullah E. Akay, Orhan Erdaş, H. Hulusi Acar