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Electrica is an international, scientific, open access periodical published in accordance with indepen¬dent, unbiased, and double-blinded peer-review principles. The journal is the official publication of İstanbul University Faculty of Engineering and it is published biannually on January and July. The publication language of the journal is English.

Electrica aims to contribute to the literature by publishing manuscripts at the highest scientific level on all fields of electrical and electronics engineering. The journal publishes original research and review articles that are prepared in accordance with ethical guidelines.

The scope of the journal includes but not limited to; electronics, microwave, transmission, control sytems, electrical machines, energy transmission and high voltage.

The target audience of the journal includes specialists and professionals working and interested in all disciplines of electrical and electronics engineering.

The editorial and publication processes of the journal are shaped in accordance with the guidelines of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the World Commission on the Ethics of Scientific Knowledge and Technology (COMEST)Council of Science Editors (CSE), Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), European Association of Science Editors (EASE), and National Information Standards Organization (NISO). The journal is in conformity with the Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing (doaj.org/bestpractice).

The journal is currently indexed in Web of Science-Emerging Sources Citation Index, Scopus, Compendex, Gale and TUBITAK ULAKBIM TR Index.

Cilt 18 - Sayı 1 - Şub 2018
  1. An Analysis of the Effects of SVM Parameters on the Dead-Time System Modeling
    Sayfalar 1 - 5
    Nihat Kabaoğlu, Rana Ortaç Kabaoğlu
  2. Current and Voltage Mode Quadrature Oscillator Based on Voltage Differencing Buffered Amplifier
    Sayfalar 6 - 12
    Abdullah Yeşil, Fırat Kaçar
  3. Recurrence Plot Analysis of Unsatured Polyester Samples Subjected to Contamination
    Sayfalar 13 - 18
    Aysel Ersoy Yılmaz, Mehmet Murat İspirli
  4. A Highly Linear Wide-Band Tunable Lna for Military Radio Applications
    Sayfalar 19 - 25
    Hakan Doğan
  5. Comparison of ANN and ANFIS Methods for the Voltage-Drop Prediction on an Electric Railway Line
    Sayfalar 26 - 35
    İlhan Kocaarslan, Mehmet Taciddin Akçay, Abdurrahim Akgündoğdu, Hasan Tiryaki
  6. An Operational Transconductance Amplifier-based Memcapacitor and Meminductor
    Sayfalar 36 - 38
    Yunus Babacan
  7. A Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Based Biosensor for Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopic Analysis
    Sayfalar 39 - 44
    Feride Şermin Utku, Ozan Enver Özdemir, Melahat Sevgül Bakay
  8. Design and Implementation of a Smart Controller in Agriculture for Improved Productivity
    Sayfalar 45 - 51
    V Sravani, Santhosh K V, Sanjay Bhargava, Verina D’Almeida
  9. Power-Efficient Viterbi Decoder Architecture and Field Programmeble Gate Arrays Fpga Implementation
    Sayfalar 52 - 59
    Burcu Özbay, Serap Çekli
  10. A New Approach for Detection of Pathological Voice Disorders with Reduced Parameters
    Sayfalar 60 - 71
    Haydar Ankışhan
  11. A Comparative Study of Empirical and Variational Mode Decomposition on High Voltage Discharges
    Sayfalar 72 - 77
    Cengiz Polat Uzunoğlu
  12. Corona Identification of Impulse Voltage and Current
    Sayfalar 78 - 82
    Emel Önal
  13. Suboptimal Frequency-Selective Transceiver Design for Multicarrier Millimeter Wave MIMO Systems
    Sayfalar 83 - 89
    Nihat Kabaoğlu
  14. Classification of Texture Images Based on the Histogram of Oriented Gradients Using Support Vector Machines
    Sayfalar 90 - 94
    Hasan Demir
  15. Lossy/Lossless Grounded Inductance Simulators Using Current Feedback Operational Amplifier (CFOA)
    Sayfalar 95 - 99
    Muhammed Emin Başak, Fırat Kaçar
  16. Monitoring, Surveillance, and Management of the Electromagnetic Spectrum: Current Issues in Electromagnetic Spectrum Monitoring
    Sayfalar 100 - 108
    Ali Boyacı, Ali Rıza Ekti, Serhan Yarkan, Muhammed Ali Aydın
  17. Review and Performance Comparison of Pansharpening Algorithms for RASAT Images
    Sayfalar 109 - 120
    Sevcan Kahraman, Alp Ertürk
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