Focused on energy strategies and policies, Energy Policy Turkey (EPT) is the one and only Turkish magazine that is prepared and published in English language. EPT mainly aims to lead Turkey’s energy strategies and policies but since “Energy Game” has always been an international tool for domestic energy needs, EPT never limits itself to be a domestic performer. Countrywide, regional and worldwide studies and analysis always make the best judgement on policies as far as energy supply-demand chain and security are concerned.

EPT dedicated itself to illuminate the matter of “World energy balance” in favor of Turkey, leading Turkey to be a so longed reputable Energy Leader. We have analyzed whereabouts of Turkey in the global energy game and outlined the required basic steps to excel in the leadership. However, we understand (Turkey should understand as well) that defining strategies is a serious business and should not be left in the hands of illiterates. Aiming towards the right direction obligates us aggregating the experts from all related disciplines under the roof of energy. Genuine experts have been contributing to this precious idea as we have already published two amazing magazines.

We will continue to connect with valuable energy experts from all around the world as we establish a solid framework for “The Future of Energy”.

Energy Policy Turkey Fourth Issue Son Sayı
Sayı 4 - Ağu 2017
Dergi Yeni Adı

Turkish Journal of Energy Policy

Derginin 2017 ve sonrası arşivine buradan ulaşabilirsiniz.