Education Reform Journal

ISSN 2602-3997 | e-ISSN 2602-3997 | Periyot Yıllık | Başlangıç: 2015 | Yayıncı Mustafa ÖZMUSUL |
Kapak Resmi



Education Reform Journal, established in 2015, is an international peer-reviewed journal, and aims debate and discussion on any planned changes in the education system, from learning-teaching process to administrative processes. Within the need for improvement in the current education paradigm, it is aimed also to help education policy makers with reform choices. The journal therefore welcomes a range of manuscripts including children and families, academic achievement, curriculum development, education technology, creativity and innovation, comparative education, life-long learning, educational administration, education and development, international education, leadership, teacher quality, equity, policies and practices, economics, accountability, autonomy and other issues related to the aims of the journal.