Yıl 2014, Cilt 27, Sayı 4, Sayfalar 1169 - 1175 2014-06-25


Emre Özdemirci [1] , Meral Özarslan Yatak [2] , Fecir Duran [3] , Mehmet Rahmi Canal [4]

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Approximately 80% of newborn in Turkey are put in neonatal incubators because of their problematic cases. Incubators used for treatment may adversely affect baby’s health seriously, if they adjusts or measures the parameters incorrectly. In this study, complications arisen because of inaccurate adjustment and measurement of incubator parameters were investigated. Current infant incubator analyzers were researched and the deficiencies were evaluated considering the standards and clinical metrology studies. As a result, findings were revealed as one of the current two incubator analyzers don’t ensure the standard and the other one doesn’t analyze some parameters which affect the baby’s health directly.

Neonatal; Infant Incubator; Infant Incubator Analyzer.
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Yazar: Fecir Duran
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Yazar: Mehmet Rahmi Canal
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