Citations based on author names may cause problems if there are name similarities, family name changes, names with Turkish letters, and changes in institutional afiliations. It is therefore important for reseachers to get identifying (ID) numbers.

Researchers are required to have an IDORCID number, who wish to publish articles in HJAFS. Thus, researchers are strongly advised to visit and get their ORCID numbers and register this number to the system (for one time only) using the “profile update” link in the “Dergipark” interface.

In addition; authors who applied for a publication in HJAFS already with their manuscript under any stage (e.g., preliminary evaluation/review/revision stages) or authors who have newly submitted a manuscript for publication in HJAFS should send their ORCID numbers to our journal via the system along with their manuscript.


A Digital Object Identifier (DOI) number has been assigned for each paper accepted to be published in HJAFS, starting from November, 2017. 


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