Early Access


1. A note on the embedding properties of p-subgroups in finite groups

    Boru Zhang and Xiuyun Guo

    DOI: 10.15672/HJMS.2018.616

9.The uniform and pointwise estimates for polynomials on the weighted Lebesgue spaces in the general regions of complex plane

     P. Özkartepe, F.G. Abdullayev

     DOI: 10.15672/HJMS.2018.639

10.Chebyshev Wavelet Method for Numerical Solutions of Coupled Burgers’ Equation 

     Ömer Oruç, Fatih Bulut and Alaattin Esen

     DOI: 10.15672/HJMS.2018.642


1.Two classes of risk model with diffusion and multiple thresholds: The discounted dividends

    Wuyuan Jiang

    DOI: 10.15672/HJMS.2018.602

2.Variable selection for high dimensional partially linear varying coefficient errors-in-variables models

    Zhaoliang Wang and Liugen Xue

    DOI: 10.15672/HJMS.2018.603

3.Calibration of the empirical likelihood for semiparametric varying-coefficient partially linear models with diverging number of parameters

    Junwei He and Xia Chen

    DOI: 10.15672/HJMS.2018.604

4.A kernel density approach for replacing rounded zeros in compositional data sets

   Jiajia Chen, Xiaoqin Zhang and Shengjia Li

   DOI: 10.15672/HJMS.2018.605

5.Equivariant estimation of quantile vector of two normal populations with a common mean

   Manas Ranjan Tripathy, Adarsha Kumar Jena and Somesh Kumar

   DOI: 10.15672/HJMS.2018.606

6.Estimation of the waiting time of patients in a hospital with simple Markovian model using order statistics 

   Soma Dhar , Lipi B. Mahanta and Kishore K. Das

   DOI: 10.15672/HJMS.2018.607

7.The power-linear hazard rate distribution and estimation of its parameters under progressively type-II censoring

    Bahman Tarvirdizade and Nader Nematollahi 

    DOI: 10.15672/HJMS.2018.608


8.Strong uniform consistency of a kernel conditional quantile estimator for censored and associated data

    Wafaa Djelladj and Abdelkader Tatachak

    DOI: 10.15672/HJMS.2018.609

9.Two-stage network DEA with convex hull in intermediate products

    Samira Maleki, Ali Ebrahimnejad and Reza Kazemi Matin

    DOI: 10.15672/HJMS.2018.610

10.Moments and estimation of reduced Kiesdistribution based on progressive type-II rightcensored order statistics

    Sanku Dey, Mazen Nassar and Devendra Kumar

    DOI: 10.15672/HJMS.2018.611

11.A new defuzzification method for solving fuzzy mathematical programming problems

    Amin Vahidi

    DOI: 10.15672/HJMS.2018.612


12.Robust estimation in canonical correlation analysis for multivariate functional data

    Miros aw Krzysko and Lukasz Smaga

    DOI: 10.15672/HJMS.2018.613

13.Exact distribution of Hadi's (H2) influence measure and identification of potential outliers

    G.S.David Sam Jayakumar and A.Sulthan

     DOI: 10.15672/HJMS.2018.614

14.Risk adjusted hospital mortality prediction model: a case study in a Turkish training and research hospital

    Fatma Güntürkün and Özgül Vupa Çilengiroğlu

     DOI: 10.15672/HJMS.2018.615

15.Modelling the logistic processes using fuzzy decision approach

     Saima Mustafa, Ishrat Fatimah and Young Bae Jun

     DOI: 10.15672/HJMS.2018.617

16.Comparing Bhattacharyya and Kshirsagar bounds with bootstrap method

     M. Khorashadizadeh, S. Nayeban, A.H. Rezaei Roknabadi and G.R. Mohtashami Borzadaran

     DOI: 10.15672/HJMS.2018.618

17.Method for generating distributions and classes of probability distributions: the univariate case

     Cicero Ramos de Brito, Leandro Chaves Rego, Wilson Rosa de Oliveira and Frank Gomes-Silva

     DOI: 10.15672/HJMS.2018.619

18.Agreement and Adjusted Degree of Distinguishability for Square Contingency Tables

     Ayfer Ezgi Yılmaz and Tülay Saraçbaşı

     DOI: 10.15672/HJMS.2018.620

19.DE- and EDPm- Compound Optimality for the Information and Probability-Based Criteria

     W. A. Hassanein and N. M. Kilany

     DOI: 10.15672/HJMS.2018.621

20.Limit Theorem for a Semi - Markovian Stochastic Model of Type (s,S)

     Zulfiye Hanalioglu and Tahir Khaniyev

     DOI: 10.15672/HJMS.2018.622

21.Adaptive Kernel Density Estimation withGeneralized Least Square Cross-Validation

     Serdar Demir

     DOI: 10.15672/HJMS.2018.623

22.Restricted Liu estimator in generalized linearmodels: Monte Carlo simulation studies on gammaand Poisson distributed responses

     Fikriye Kurtoğlu and M. Revan Özkale

     DOI: 10.15672/HJMS.2018.624

23.Constrained Optimization with Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithms

     W.K.Mashwani, Alamzaib, Ozgur Yeniay, H.Shah, N.M.Tairan and M.Sulaiman

     DOI: 10.15672/HJMS.2018.625

24.Panel data unit root test with structural break: A Bayesian approach

     Jitendra Kumar and Varun Agiwal

     DOI: 10.15672/HJMS.2018.626

25.Stochastic comparison bounds for an M1, M2/G1, G2/1 retrial queue with two way communication

     Lala Maghnia Alem, Mohamed Boualem, and Djamil Aissan

     DOI: 10.15672/HJMS.2018.629

26.Determining the effects of information security knowledge on information security awareness via structural equation modelings

    Sinan Saraçlı and  Atılgan Erdoğmuş

     DOI: 10.15672/HJMS.2018.641

27.Bayesian Analysis for Lognormal Distribution under Progressive Type-II Censoring

    Sukhdev Singh, Yogesh Mani Tripathi and Shuo-Jye Wu

     DOI: 10.15672/HJMS.2018.643

28.Improving fuzzy c-means clustering via quantum-enhanced weighted superposition attraction algorithm

    Adil Baykasoğlu, İlker Gölcük and Fehmi Burçin Özsoydan

     DOI: 10.15672/HJMS.2018.655

29.Optimal investment strategy and liability ratio for insurer with Lévy risk process

    Mustafa Asım Özalp, Kasırga Yıldırak and Yeliz Yolcu Okur

     DOI: 10.15672/HJMS.2018.656

30.Improving fuzzy c-means clustering via quantum-enhanced weighted superposition attraction algorithm

    Adil Baykasoğlu, İlker Gölcük and Fehmi Burçin Özsoydan

     DOI: 10.15672/HJMS.2018.657

31.Interval type-2 fuzzy c-Control charts using ranking methods

    Hatice Ercan Tekşen and Ahmet Sermet Anagün

     DOI: 10.15672/HJMS.2018.658