Aims and Scope

The aim of the International Advanced Researches and Engineering Journal (IAREJ)  is to contribute to science, education and industry by reaching a wide areas in the engineering and related science to  engineering at the national and international level. For this purpose, 3 issue per year  and special issues according to the suggestions of the editorial board. The studies are evaluated by the editors after at least two reviewer reports from national and international according to the blind review principles.

In the fields of Engineering (general) and Science is related with Engineering, theoretical and practical original research articles and technical review articles are included in the International Advanced Researches and Engineering Journal (IAREJ).

Aerospace Engineering,

Aquaculture and Fisheries Engineering,



Chemical Engineering,

Civil Engineering,

Computer Engineering,

Electrical and Electronics,


Environmental Engineering,

Food Engineering,

Geomatics Engineering,

Industrial Engineering,

Industrial Applications,

Machine Theory and Dynamics,


Mechanical Engineering,




Modeling and Simulation,

Physics Engineering,


Textile Engineering

Health in Engineering