International Journal of Agriculture and Forestry Science (IJAGFOS)

Periyot Yılda 2 Sayı | Başlangıç: 2015 | Yayıncı İskender AKKURT |
Kapak Resmi



International Journal of Agriculture and Forestry Science (IJAgFoS) is an open access, and peer-reviewed International Journal. IJAgFoS provides a platform for the researchers, academicians, professional, practitioners and students to publish and share their knowledge in the form of high quality empirical and theoretical research papers, case studies, literature reviews and book reviews related with the agriculture and Forestry works.  The Journal is published in online version. Authors are responsibile about article's content and consequences. IJAgFoS has all of the copyrights of articles submitted to be published.

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Vol:1-No:2 Son Sayı
Cilt 1 - Sayı 2 - Ara 2017
  1. Table of Contents
    Sayfalar 1 - 1
    Prof.Dr. İskender AKKURT
  2. Contamination Of Groundwater By Sewage And Degradation Of Cultures Under Water Stress
    Sayfalar 1 - 6
  3. Analgesic and antioxidant activities of the flavonic extract of Globularia alypum L.
    Sayfalar 7 - 10
    Khalida BOUTEMAK, Bouchra SAFTA, Nabila AYACHI
  4. Evaluation of Microbiological quality and determination of starch, gelatin and natamycin content in yoghurt from Turkish market
    Sayfalar 11 - 13
    Ramazan ŞEVİK, Çiğdem AŞÇIOĞLU, Kezban KOÇAK
  5. Developing of DLI(Daily Light Integral) and Spectrum Control Systems for Scientific Cultivation in Agriculture
    Sayfalar 14 - 17
    Yalçın ÖZDEMİR, Hüseyin Demirel, Yusuf Ersoy Yıldırım
  6. Greenhouse Production in Bilecik
    Sayfalar 18 - 29
    Ahmet Tuna CÖMERT