International Journal of Chemistry and Technology

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International Journal of Chemistry and Technology (IJCT)

(Int. J. Chem. Technol.)

     International Journal of Chemistry and Technology (IJCT) accepts original research studies
with  regard   to  all  scopes  of   physical  chemistry,  organic  chemistry,  inorganic  chemistry,
analytical  chemistry, biochemistry, phytochemistry,  polymer  chemistry, solid  state chemistry, 
nanomaterials,   materials,  biomaterials   and   composite   materials,  theoretical   chemistry, 
chemical    engineering   and     technology,   environmental    engineering    and   technology,
nanotechnology,   and   biotechnology.  IJCT  is  a  peer-reviewed  international   journal,  and
publication language is  English.  IJCT  publishes electronically  in  June and December twice
a year. IJCT is open access for all researchers in the world. There is no charge of page.
     Original research article, review, conference paper, short communication (i.e. short article),
and letter to editor with  regard  to the scientific scope of the journal can be submitted to IJCT.

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Invitation: IJCT invites the authors to submit their manuscripts for Volume 2 (issue 1) in June 2018. 


Cilt 1 - Sayı 1 - Ara 2017
  1. Investigating of dielectric anisotropy and birefringence of binary liquid crystal mixtures
    Sayfalar 1 - 6
    Şükrü Özğan
  2. Determination of spectrophotometric protonation constant of cholinesterase inhibitors
    Sayfalar 7 - 13
    Yaşar Doğan Daldal, Ebru Çubuk Demiralay, Güleren Alsancak
  3. 4D-QSAR study of flavonoid derivatives with MCET method
    Sayfalar 14 - 23
    Burçin Türkmenoğlu, Hayriye Yilmaz, Ekrem Mesut Su, Tuğba Alp Tokat, Yahya Güzel
  4. Vibrational spectra of 4-hydroxy-3-cyano-7-chloro-quinoline by Density Functional Theory and ab initio Hartree-Fock calculations
    Sayfalar 24 - 29
    Kani Arıcı
  5. Effect of nanoparticles on mechanical and tribological properties of composite friction materials
    Sayfalar 30 - 36
    Fikrat Yusubov
  6. Synthesis, characterization and catalytic properties of some transition metal complexes of new phenoxy-imine ligand
    Sayfalar 37 - 45
    Ali Çapan, Gökhan Ceyhan, Mehmet Sönmez
  7. Chemical analyzes and antioxidant activities of essential oils of four wild Mentha species growing in the Tokat and its districts
    Sayfalar 46 - 57
    Tevfik Ozen, Isa Telci, Fatih Gul, Ibrahim Demirtas
  8. Kinetics, thermodynamics and isotherm studies of malachite green adsorption by modified orange peel
    Sayfalar 58 - 66
    Leyla Kule, Bilal Acemioğlu, Evrim Baran
  9. Investigation of leaching conditions of chalcopyrite by chlorine gas in aqueous medium
    Sayfalar 67 - 73
    Hakan Temur, Ahmet Yartaşı, Mehmet Muhtar Kocakerim
  10. Electrochemical pesticide sensor based on anthraquinone substituted copper phthalocyanine
    Sayfalar 74 - 85
    Yeliz İpek, M. Kasım Şener, Atıf Koca