International Journal of Energy Applications and Technologies is aimed at presented a chance to students, researchers, research scholars, teachers, authors and other professionals in the field of research in energy technologies subjects, to publish their original and current research worldwide, international community. It publishes original articles, review articles, case studies, book reviews, short communications, and hypotheses on the fundamentals, applications, and management of energy technologies. In the process of blind peer reviewed various international experts, world renowned scientists were engaged in the past.


      Focus and Scopus

  • Innovation and new development

  • Energy efficiency/saving, economics, security, risk

  • Cleaner/renewable energy technologies

  • Alternative energy technologies/sources

  • Environmental planning

  • Energy R&D strategies/policies

  • Energy foresight and scenarios

  • Experience curves, integrated design

  • Emerging generic technologies

  • National energy [research] policies

  • Energy system analysis, planning

  • Energy systems and services

  • Energy transmission/ distribution

  • Distributed generation technologies
  • Rural/remote electrification and energy supply

Volume: 4 Issue: 3 Son Sayı
Cilt 4 - Sayı 3 - Eki 2017