International Journal of Engineering and Geosciences

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The International Journal of Engineering and Geosciences (IJEG) is a tri-annually published journal.  The journal includes a wide scope of information on scientific and technical advances in the geomatic sciences.  The International Journal of Engineering and Geosciences aims to publish pure and applied research in geomatic engineering and technologies. IJEG is a double peer-reviewed (blind) OPEN ACCESS JOURNAL that publishes professional level research articles and subject reviews exclusively in English. It allows authors to submit articles online and track his or her progress via its web interface.All manuscripts will undergo a refereeing process; acceptance for publication is based on at least two positive reviews. The journal publishes research and review papers, professional communication, and technical notes. IJEG does not charge for any article submissions or for processing. It is Free

Editor-in-Chief    : Prof. Dr. Murat YAKAR

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Publication: February, June, October

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