Year 2017, Volume 3, Issue 4, Pages 230 - 234 2017-12-13

Innovative Design for A Ball Worm Gear Mechanism

Sait Koçak [1]

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In this study, a new mechanism was designed and presented as an alternative to the worm gear mechanism without its disadvantages. This novel mechanism is referred to as a “ball worm gear mechanism”. The force of the worm gear mechanism is transmitted by a sliding movement, which leads to high operating temperature and low efficiency as well as wear on the bronze worm wheel. Therefore, a new mechanism was designed with balls placed into the helical grooves on the worm shaft which move by rolling on the worm wheel.  The worm wheel of the newly designed mechanism is made of case-hardened steel, which is less expensive than bronze. Thus, it is anticipated that not only the cost of the worm wheel will be reduced, but also its life will be extended. Greater efficiency and elimination of the high operating temperature are expected to result from the power transmission achieved by the rolling motion of the new mechanism. Modeling of the design was carried out with SolidWorks software and the feasibility of the mechanism was confirmed.
Worm gear mechanism, ball-screw mechanism, CAD, Efficiency
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Subjects Engineering and Basic Sciences
Journal Section Makaleler

Author: Sait Koçak
Institution: Pamukkale University
Country: Turkey

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