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Editors-in-Chief of International Journal of Innovative Engineering Applications (IJIEA), first of all, we wish to thank all the scholars at home and abroad for their eager responses and full support, and all those who have provided encouragement and contributions toward the emergence of this journal.

Looking back over the history of human civilization, human survival is closely related to the development of social productive forces, which come from engineering and basic science. Along with today’s rapid economic and social development, we face common threats from global problems such as food safety, resource shortages, energy crises, environmental pollution, climate change, network attacks, population expansion, poverty, the prevalence of disease, and economic crises. Therefore, engineering and basic science research that addresses these major issues of economic development appears to be particularly important. At present, a new scientific and technical revolution, including wide spread industrial transformation, is flowing together with new developments in human society. Historically, we know that progress and innovation in engineering and basic science is a crucial engine for promoting progress in human society.

This journal covers all fields of engineering and basic science, and reflects current engineering and basic science development trends and progress in order to promote the exchange and exhibition of achievements. It includes three main sections: News & Focus, Views & Comments, and Research.

News & Focus follows the frontiers and central issues of engineering and basic science research, and reports on global engineering and basic science research and application fields.

The first issue of our Journal will be published in June 2017 with your support.

Views & Comments includes descriptions of current processes and situations in engineering and basic science research, as well as discussions on controversial issues. This section also covers commentaries on major engineering projects and predictions on development trends.

The Research section focuses on one or two special topics, and publishes the latest research achievements in these fields of study. If necessary, we invite well-known scholars to write articles for this section; we also include several articles on other fields.

The Journal will be officially launched in June 2017 after a period of rigorous preparatory work for about a year.

IJIEA Vol.1, No.2, Aralık 2017 Son Sayı
Cilt 1 - Sayı 2 - Ara 2017