International Journal of Secondary Metabolite

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International Journal of Secondary Metabolite (IJSM) will be published biannual (one volume per year, two issues per year -January and July). IJSM welcomes the submission of manuscripts that meets the general criteria of significance and scientific excellence.

There is no submission or publication process charges for articles in IJSM.

Names similarity, surname change, names with Turkish letters, different writings, institutional changes may cause problems in the publication / citation searches made by the author. For this reason, It is important that they obtain an ID.
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Pre-print (Volume: 5 Issue: 2) Son Sayı
Cilt 5 - Sayı 2 - Tem 2018
  1. Fungal Biodiversity of Strawberry Fields in Aydin, TURKEY
    Sayfalar 60 - 66
    H. Halil Bıyık, Zeynep Ün, Bahadır Törün, Esin Poyrazoğlu
  2. Einkorn (Triticum monococcum ssp. monococcum) in vitro propagation sterilization protocol
    Sayfalar 67 - 74
    Mehmet Örgeç Örgeç, Fatma Pehlivan Karakaş, Günce Şahin, Ferdi Ağıl, Nusret Zencirci
  3. Analysis of phenolic compounds, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties of some endemic medicinal plants
    Sayfalar 75 - 86
    Ersan Bektaş, Kaan Kaltalıoğlu, Hüseyin Şahin, Zafer Türkmen, Ali Kandemir
  4. Chemical Composition and Insecticidal Activity of Origanum syriacum L. Essential Oil Against Sitophilus oryzae and Rhyzopertha dominica
    Sayfalar 87 - 93
    Tunay Karan, Seyda Simsek, Ilyas Yildiz, Ramazan Erenler