Journal Of International Dental And Medical Research

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Journal of International Dental and Medical Research

ISSN 1309-100X


Journal of International Dental and Medical Research, a journal of the Ectodermal Dysplasia Group-Turkey, is published 3 times per year to promote practice, education, and research specifically related to the specialty of dental and medical researchs. Manuscripts are accepted for consideration if neither the article, nor any part of its essential substance, tables, or figures has been or will be published in another journal or is simultaneously submitted to another journal. Published papers do not necessarily represent the views of the editor, the Ectodermal Dysplasia Group-Turkey.





Editor-in-Chief  and General Director


Prof. Dr. İzzet YAVUZ

Ectodermal Dysplasia Group-Turkey


Associate Editor and Director

Assoc. Prof. Dr. 


The Biomedical Research (BMR) title of JIDMR is a new section for  research papers from all major fields of neuroscience, biophysics, environmental sciences algology, biotechnology and pharmacology. The journal will be high quality, comprehensive, exceptionally fast and consistently peer reviewed. It will be a multi-disciplinary publication for rapid communication in Biomedical research, for the promotion of the international scientific collaboration, for presenting the achievements that emphasize clinical, fundamental and molecular aspects of biomedical studies in the all of world.

Fast publication will be achieved by the use of modern communication techniques.The journal features full-length papers, rapid communications and mini-reviews on selected areas.

Manuscript and Peer Review Submission process is by the e-mail to the


Cilt: 6 Sayı: 1 Son Sayı
Cilt 6 - Sayı 1 - Mar 2013
  1. Inflammatory Biomarkers as Potential Mediators for the Association between Periodontal and Systemic Disease in Kosovo
    Sayfalar 1 - 5
    Zana SllamnikuDalipi, Fatmir Dragidella, Metush Disha, Kastriot Meqa, Luljeta Begolli, Gramos Begolli
  2. A Comparison of Ni-Ti Rotary and Hand Files Instrumentation in Primary Molars
    Sayfalar 6 - 8
    Bugra Ozen, Ozlem Marti Akgun
  3. Influence of Temperature and pH on Corrosion Behavior of Ni–Cr and Co-Cr Dental Alloys
    Sayfalar 9 - 14
    Rassam Al subari, A Bellaouchou, A Guenbour, Nadia Merzouk
  4. The Evaluation of Reasons for Replacement of Amalgam and Composite
    Sayfalar 15 - 19
    Emrullah Bahsı, Bayram Ince, Mehmet Dallı, Cafer Sahbaz, Hakan Çolak, Izzet Acıkan, Necat Aslan, Zeki Akkus
  5. Dental Students' Attitudes to the Use of Rubber Dam in United Arab Emirates
    Sayfalar 20 - 24
    Dunia AlHadi, Raghad Hashim, Fatima AlAli
  6. Periodontal Plastic Surgical Repair Following Removal of a Recurrent Peripheral Odontogenic Fibroma
    Sayfalar 25 - 30
    Kristi M. Soileau
  7. Ceramage – A Ceramo Polymer Restoration to be Used as an Alternative to Ceramics; As an Indirect Restorative Material in a Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Dentistry Protocol - A Case Report
    Sayfalar 31 - 35
    Prafulla Thumati, K. Raghavendra Reddy
  8. Case Report: Canine Fossa Abscess; A Rare Etiological Factor: The Lower Canine Tooth
    Sayfalar 36 - 39
    K. Serkan Agacayak, S. Serhat Atılgan, Belgin Gorgun, Ferhan Yaman, M. Can Ucan, Yusuf Atalay
  9. Pre-Prosthetic Orthodontic Implant Site Preparation for Management of Congenitally Unerupted Lateral Incisors – A Case Report
    Sayfalar 40 - 44
    K. Kiran Kumar, Nettemu Sunil Kumar, Nettem Sowmya, K. Tanveer, Shameem K, Seetharam Kumar
  10. Deeply Impacted Primary Second Molar with Agenesis of the Succeeding Premolar: A Rare Case
    Sayfalar 45 - 48
    Nurgul Komerık, Zuhal Kırzıoglu, Yildirim Erdogan
  11. Aneurysmal Bone Cyst of Maxilla- A Rare Case Report and Review
    Sayfalar 49 - 53
    Rezwana Begum Mohammed, G. Shirisha Rani, Mundru Supraja Chowdary, Arshia shereen, Pavan Kumar Yellarti
  12. Alagille Syndrome: A Review
    Sayfalar 54 - 58
    Michele Callea, Emrullah Bahsi, Marco Montanari, Bayram Ince, Giovanni E. Mancini, Yasemin Yavuz, Franco Radovich, Ayse Gunay, Gabriela Piana, Mehmet Unal, Giovanni D’Alessandro, Mauro Caselli, Gabriella Clarich