International Review of Management and Marketing
Kapak Resmi
e-ISSN 2146-4405 | Periyot Yılda 4 Sayı | Başlangıç: 2011 | Yayıncı İlhan ÖZTÜRK |

International Review of Management and Marketing

e-ISSN 2146-4405 | Periyot Yılda 4 Sayı | Başlangıç: 2011 | Yayıncı İlhan ÖZTÜRK |
Kapak Resmi


Cilt: 7 Sayı: 3 Son Sayı
Cilt 7 - Sayı 3 - Eyl 2017
  1. The Impact of Social Websites over Jordanian Students’ Intentions of Active political Participation: An Application of Theory of Planned Behavior
    Sayfalar 1 - 16
    Samer M. Al-Mohammad
  2. Examining the link between Spiritual Values at Work, Learning Orientation, Human Resources Practices and Organizational Health: An Indonesia Case Study
    Sayfalar 17 - 24
    - Ikhwan, Achmad Sudiro, - Noermijati, Mintarti Rahayu
  3. Halal Tourism Industry in Indonesia: Potential and Prospects
    Sayfalar 25 - 34
    Aan Jaelani
  4. Could Profitability, Activity and Use of Equity Finance Increasing DuPont Model of Return on Equity? Jordanian Case
    Sayfalar 35 - 41
    Lina Hani Warrad, Mahmoud Nassar
  5. Restaurant Quality and Customer Satisfaction
    Sayfalar 42 - 49
    Bader M.A. Almohaimmeed
  6. The Roles of Strategic Planning in Organizational Crisis Management: The Case of Jordanian Banking Sector
    Sayfalar 50 - 60
    Hasan Yousef Aljuhmani, Okechukwu Lawrence Emeagwali
  7. Compiling a Model to Foster Organizational Leaders According to Data-Base Theory in Oil Company
    Sayfalar 61 - 71
    Majid Arash, Hamid Rahimian, Abbas Abbaspour, Ali Delavar
  8. An Analysis of the Management Problem of Working Practices of Industry in Vocational High School
    Sayfalar 72 - 76
    Iswal Muhammad Burhan, Arifin Ahmad, Mahmud Alimuddin
  9. Relation among Processes of Human Resources and Obtaining the Organizational Axial Capability with Intermediation Role of Knowledge Management Based on Modeling Structural Equations (Case Study: Khuzestan General Directorate of Ports and Maritime - Special Economic Zone of the Imam Khomeini Port)
    Sayfalar 77 - 85
    Mohammad Nazarpour, Zahra Bostan Shirin
  10. Human Resource Management, Organizational Commitment and Organizational Performance: Development, Test and Correction of Tthe Causal Model
    Sayfalar 86 - 92
    Shahram Nasiri
  11. A Parallel of Patient Proactivity Behaviours and Attitudes between the Republic of South Africa and the United States of America
    Sayfalar 93 - 104
    Christo Bisschoff, Sam Fullerton
  12. A Critical Study of Cost Approaches in the Accounting Thought: Conceptual Study
    Sayfalar 105 - 112
    Adeeb Abdulwahab Al-Hebry, Ebrahim Mohammed Al-Matari
  13. Work Values Fit and Subjective Career Success: The Moderating Role of Work Engagement
    Sayfalar 113 - 120
    Sevgi Elmas-Atay
  14. Total Quality Management Tools: Are they Necessary for Improving Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction?
    Sayfalar 121 - 125
    Tasneem F. Alfalah
  15. The Influence of Real-time Marketing Campaigns of Retailers on Consumer Purchase Behavior
    Sayfalar 126 - 133
    Safura M. Kallier
  16. Evolution of Management Theory within 20 Century: A Systemic Overview of Paradigm Shifts in Management
    Sayfalar 134 - 137
    Sasan Torabzadeh Khorasani, Maryam Almasifard
  17. Investigating the Impact of Talent Management on the Retention of Human Resources: A Study in Zahedan Municipality
    Sayfalar 138 - 142
    Zohreh Kohestany, Nour Mohammad Yaghoubi
  18. Exploring the African Immigrant Entrepreneurship - Job Creation Nexus: A South African Case Study
    Sayfalar 143 - 149
    Bernard Lama Ngota, Sookdhev Rajkaran, Sanjay Balkaran, Eric Ernest Mang’unyi
  19. The relationship between Strategic Knowledge Management and Organizational Innovation (Case Study: Bushehr's medical Sciences University and Health Care Center)
    Sayfalar 150 - 155
    Parvaneh Rastgoo
  20. Validating the Healthy School Conceptual Model with an Emphasis on Organizational Health Dimension Using Structural Equation Modelling
    Sayfalar 156 - 164
    Hamid Rahimian, Abbas Abbaspour, Mohammadreza Mehrgan, Fereshte Hedayati
  21. Study of Effective Relationship Marketing on Service Quality Provided and Loyalty Customers (Case Study: Tehran Shahrvand Chain Stores)
    Sayfalar 165 - 170
    Mohammad Mahmoudi Maymand, Ali Kazemi, Nazanin Sadat Fatehi
  22. Communication Satisfaction among Academic Staff in Malaysian Public Universities
    Sayfalar 171 - 178
    Aysha Sadia, Berhannudin Mohd Salleh, Zulida Abdul Kadir, Sazuliana Sanif
  23. The Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning System within Jordanian Industrial Sector
    Sayfalar 179 - 187
    Mahmoud Nassar, Lina Warrad, Yousef Abu Siam
  24. Evaluation of the Performance of Bushehr's Medical Sciences University and Health Service Center Based on the Organizational Excellence Model of Europe's Quality Management Foundation
    Sayfalar 188 - 195
    Parvaneh Rastgoo
  25. Studying the Relationship between Talent Management and Workforce Productivity in Governmental Organizations of Bam City
    Sayfalar 196 - 205
    Mehdi Jazini Zadeh, Yousuf Ahmadi
  26. Analysis on Economic Factors Affecting Corporate Social Responsibility in Private Organizations; Case Study: Private Organizations in West Azerbaijan Province
    Sayfalar 206 - 212
    Mahrokh Lotfollahi Haghi, Mehraban Hadi Peikani, Akbar Etebarian
  27. The Effect of Pre-bankruptcy Financial Distress on Earnings Management Tools
    Sayfalar 213 - 219
    Sara Hassanpour, Mehdi Nazemi Ardakani
  28. The Mediating Role of the Entrepreneurial Intention in the Relationship between Critical Thinking and Employee productivity Telecommunication Company of Isfahan
    Sayfalar 220 - 226
    Nooshin Rezaei, Mehraban Hadi Peykani
  29. The Role of Leadership Styles In Building and Sustaining Corporate Reputation – Empirical Investigation On Islamic Banks In Jordan
    Sayfalar 227 - 232
    Tasneem F. Alfalah
  30. Investigating Critical Success Factors of Brand Loyalty: A Meta-Data Analysis Approach
    Sayfalar 233 - 237
    Syahida Abd Aziz, Muhammad Shahar Jusoh, Mohammad Harith Amlus
  31. The Influence of Perceived Cultural and Business Distance on International Marketing Strategy Decisions; A Case study of Telkom Indonesia International
    Sayfalar 238 - 245
    Carla Hapsari, Jol Stoffers, Agus Gunawan
  32. Development of Economics Learning, Problematics, and Student Economics Literacy
    Sayfalar 246 - 256
    Novi Trisnawati, Ruri Nurul Aeni Wulandari, Yoyok Soesatyo, Albrian Fiky Prakoso
  33. The Conception of Consumer Perceived Risk towards Online Purchases of Apparel and an Idiosyncratic Scrutiny of Perceived Social Risk: A Review of Literature
    Sayfalar 257 - 265
    Eugine Tafadzwa Maziriri, Tinashe Chuchu
  34. The Impact of the Failure-based Learning Behavior on Organizational Agility from the Workers’ Point of View in the Jordanian Industrial Companies in King Abdullah II Industrial City - Sahab
    Sayfalar 266 - 273
    Elham Hmoud AL-Faouri, Ahmad Nahar Al-Rfou
  35. Determinant of Pharmaceutical Industries Marketing Performance in Indonesia
    Sayfalar 274 - 280
    Nandan Limakrisna, - Adriza, Rita Zahara
  36. The Use of Search Engines in the Marketing of Accommodation Establishments: Adopt or Reject the Use of Google AdWords?
    Sayfalar 281 - 287
    Michael Colin Cant, Nadine van Rooyen
  37. Relationship Life Cycle of Organizational and Leadership Styles (Case Study of Kermanshah City Administration, Government Agencies)
    Sayfalar 288 - 298
    Hossein Rahmanseresht, Eghbal Yavari
  38. Using the Higher Education Performance Framework to Assess Service Quality and Satisfaction among Private University Students
    Sayfalar 299 - 309
    Eric E. Mang’unyi, Krishna K. Govender
  39. The Influence of Sponsorship on the Stages of the Consumer’s Decision-making Process: A South African Perspective
    Sayfalar 310 - 319
    Catherine Mpolokeng Sephapo
  40. Promoting International Competitiveness for Small and Mediumsized Enterprises: A Case Study of Chinese Small and Mediumsized Enterprises in Thailand
    Sayfalar 320 - 330
    Weihao Wu, Narissara Parkvithee
  41. The Model of Market Orientation, Entrepreneurial Orientation and Business Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises
    Sayfalar 331 - 337
    Ade Octavia, Hapzi Ali
  42. Studying the Factors Affecting on Use of Management Information Systems: Case Study - Tehran Municipality
    Sayfalar 338 - 341
    Sohrab Ghaderi, Jafar Sadegh Faezi, Ali Amiramini Kahrizeh
  43. The Impact of Working Motivation and Working Environment on Employees Performance in Indonesia Stock Exchange
    Sayfalar 342 - 348
    Setyo Riyanto, Ady Sutrisno, Hapzi Ali
  44. A Study of the Determinants Influencing Customer Satisfaction in the Medical Tourism Industry in Jordan
    Sayfalar 349 - 356
    Mohammad Nayef Alsarayreh, Mohammad Sultan Majed Mahasneh, Kafa Hmoud Abdallah Al Nawaiseh
  45. Study the Role of Electronic Marketing on Business Performance with Emphasis on the Role of Market Orientation
    Sayfalar 357 - 365
    Melika Sadat Shirazi
  46. Do Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises Have the Capacity and will to Employ More People: Solution to Unemployment or Just a Pipe Dream?
    Sayfalar 366 - 372
    Michael Colin Cant
  47. Consumer Boycotts: Corporate Response and Responsibility
    Sayfalar 373 - 380
    Hurrem Yilmaz, Abdullah Alhumoud