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European Journal of Biology (Eur J Biol) is an interntional, scientific, open access periodical published in accordance with independent, unbiased, and double-blinded peer-review principles. The journal is the official publication of Faculty of Science in Istanbul University and it is published biannually on June and December. The publication language of the journal is English. European Journal of Biology has been previously published as IUFS Journal of Biology. It has been published in continuous publication since 1940.

Cilt 76 - Sayı 2 - Ara 2017
  1. The Relationship between Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Gln223Arg Polymorphism in Human Leptin Receptor Gene
    Sayfalar 43 - 50
    Serkan Kuccukturk, Sebnem Yosunkaya, Hacer Kuzu Okur, Seyit Ali Kayis, Sennur Demirel, Hasibe Cingilli Vural
  2. The Effectiveness of the Antimic® Biocide against Nosocomial Bacteria Specified by Different Standard Methods
    Sayfalar 51 - 56
    N. Ozlem Sanli, Yusuf Menceloglu, Seval Bal
  3. In vitro Antidiabetic Activities of Two Sorbus Species
    Sayfalar 57 - 60
    Gozde Hasbal, Tugba Yilmaz Ozden, Ayse Can
  4. Alterations at the Synthesis and Degradation of E-cadherin in the Human Lungs with Emphysema
    Sayfalar 61 - 68
    Ecem Gogus, Ozgecan Kayalar, H. Gul Ongen, Fusun Oztay
  5. Determination of the Distribution of the rs2069514 and rs762551 Alleles of the Cyp1a2 Gene Related to Caffeine Metabolism in Professional Athletes
    Sayfalar 69 - 73
    Begum Yucesoy, Sezgin Kapici, Canan Sercan, Turkan Yigitbasi, Nesrin Emekli, Korkut Ulucan
  6. Chemical Analysis and Antimicrobial Effect of Propolis from Hakkari Province of Turkey against Some Pathogenic Microorganisms
    Sayfalar 74 - 78
    Sinan Bayram, Nesrin Ecem Bayram, Yusuf Can Gercek, Mehmet Nuri Aydogan, Gul Cevahir Oz
  7. Cell Surface Sialylated N-Glycan Alterations during Development
    Sayfalar 79 - 88
    Sabire Karacali