İstanbul University Science Faculty The Journal Of Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy

ISSN 1300-0713 | Periyot Yılda 2 Sayı | Başlangıç: 1916 | Yayıncı İstanbul Üniversitesi | iusfjm
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The "İstanbul University Science Faculty Journal of Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy" is an open-access, peer-reviewed, biannual journal published in English.

The Journal covers original articles, reviews on specialized topics, technical notes, book reviews in a broad spectrum of mathematics, especially Functional Analysis, Complex Analysis, Differantial Equations and Geometry, several areas of Physics and Astronomy.

Vol. 6: (2015) Son Sayı
Cilt 6 - Sayı 0 - Haz 2015
  1. Linear Functionals in Some Spaces of Entire Functions of Finite Order
    Sayfalar 1 - 6
    Konstantin Malyutin, Taisiya Malyutina
  2. On the decomposition of curvature tensor fields in conformal Finsler spaces II
    Sayfalar 7 - 13
    James Gatoto, Surendra Singh
  3. Relative Fix Points of a Certain Class of Complex Functions
    Sayfalar 15 - 25
    Dibyendu Banerjee, Biswajit Mandal