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     The searching place contains area which is 155 kmJ. Also this area obtains SUşehri and surrounding belong to Sivas which is in the Northeastern of Middle Anatolia. In the searching place at the bottom ultrabasic rocks which are called
Su§ehri serpentine takes place. This unit's age agreed as Upper Jura-Lower Kretase. The unit occurea from middle volcanic level-elastic and marl alternation is called Oyuk Formation. This unit has the same characteristic with flysch
and has the same age with Lutetian. Kosedag syenite becomes an important plutonic (batholith) at the end of
the Eocene. The unit which is known as Selimiye Formation (Kurtman-1961) occures from ~ndstone and claystone alternation and gypsum level. For the formations which are takes place a.t the bottom and top of Selimiye Formation, its age known as Oligosene. The uni.t which is called Akoren limestone formation occures from limestones and gives the age of Aquitanian-Burdigalian (Lower Miocene). The unit that we called Öksülü Formation is represented by conglomera~ e and sandstone. This formation 1s disconformity to the ophiolites. It's age 1s Pliocene.

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