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Journal of Anatolian Medical Research (JAMER) is a free access, fully electronic journal of Kayseri Education and Research Hospital that published, three times a year, in Turkish or English. Its purpose is to publish original, peer-reviewed, up-to-date basic research and clinical reports on  all fields of medicine and related health sciences. It gives high priority to articles describing effectiveness of therapeutic interventions and the evaluation of new techniques and methods.

JAMER  publishes: Original Articles; Case Reports, Commentaries; Review Articles; Editorials; Letters to the Editor and Correspondence.


Original Articles: Present new and important basic and clinical information, extend existing studies, or provide a new approach to a traditional subject. Manuscripts should be limited to 5000 words of text. Figures, tables, and references should be limited to the number needed to clarify, amplify, or document the text.

Case Reports: Provide case studies of interest, new ideas, and techniques. Manuscripts should be limited to 1500 words of text (2 figure and/or 2 table), and no more than 20 references.

Commentaries: The Editorial Board invites an author who is qualified, through education and professional experience, to write knowledgeably and appropriately about a particular subject. Manuscripts should be limited to 2000 words of text.

Review Articles: The Editorial Board invites an author who has previous published papers on a specific area to write a review article. Systematic reviews of the literature should be limited to 5000 words of text, exclusive of references.

Letters to the Editor: Letters are published at the discretion of the Editorial Board. Letters should be brief and directly related to the published article on which it comments. Letters must be limited to 500 words of text, 1 table, and no more than 5 references.


Preparation of manuscripts

The manuscript should be prepared in accordance with The Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals - International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (

Manuscripts must be submitted in .doc format, in Turkish or English language  they must be signed by the author(s). Necessary forms will be available  via internet while publishing process. All articles will have both Turkish and English abstract.

The title page should carry the full title of the article. Please, add the author(s)' name(s), degree(s), and address of the institution into your title page.

Abstract: The abstract should state the purpose of the study, main findings and the principal conclusions in not more than 250 words with separate headings of Aim, Methods, Results, Conclusion. Abstracts for Case studies and reviews should be unstructured and not more than 200 words. Foreign author(s) need not submit an abstract in Turkish, as the Editorial board will provide it for them.

Key words: Authors must include on the title page of their manuscripts 3 to 5 key words from NLM's Permuted Medical Subject Headings (MeSH).

Text: The text of the article should be divided into sections with the headings Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion. Also remove all other information that may identify the authors of the study to the reviewers.

The Introduction should state the purpose of the article and summarize the rationale for the study. Give only strictly pertinent references and limit this section to one page.

The Material and Methods should describe the selection of the observational or experimental subjects clearly. Give references to established methods including statistics. When reporting experiments on human subjects indicate whether the procedures were followed in accordance with the ethical standards. Describe statistical methods in adequate detail. Give details on randomization. Manuscipts reporting the results of randomized trials should include the CONSORT flow diagram showing the progress of patients throughout the trial. The CONSORT checklist also should be completed and submitted with the manuscript.

Present results in logical sequence in the text, tables and figures/illustrations. Data in the text should not be repeated in the tables or figures/illustrations.

In the Discussion section emphasize the new and important aspects of the study and present your conclusions. Relate the observations to other relevant studies.

References: Number references consecutively in the order in which they are first mentioned in the text in parenthesis by Arabic numerals. Names of all authors (name and initial) should be listed when there is six or less. When there are seven or more the first three should be listed, following by “ve ark.” for manuscripts in Turkish, and “et al.” for manuscripts in English.References will strictly be controlled and the author may be asked to provide the full-text of any of the references. They should be organized according to the following forms: Use the style of the examples below, which are based on the formats used by the NLM in Index Medicus. The titles of journals should be abbreviated according to the style used in Index Medicus. Consult List of Serials Indexed in Index Medicus, which is available from the NLM and at

The author is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the references.

Examples of reference styles:

For orginal articles;

Kapur NK, Musunuru K. Clinical efficiency and safety of statins in managing cardiovascular risk. Vasc Health Risk Manag. 2008;4:341–353.

Book chapter;

Meltzer PS, Kallioniemi A, Trent JM. Chromosome alterations in human solid tumors. In: Vogelstein B, Kinzler KW, editors. The Genetic Basis of Human Cancer. New York: McGraw-Hill; 2002:93–113.


If a part of research has been presented before or the research has been sponsored by a foundation, this should be clearly stated just above the correspondence address.

Do not forget to add your correspondence address, phone and fax number(s) and your e-mail address correctly, during  online submission process.


Please prepare .doc formatted text files containing references. For the figures please prefer .jpg .jpeg or .gif ended files. Illustrations and figures should be professionally drawn and photographed. All images should be in high resolution at minimum 300 dpi. The illustrations accepted are photos, slides, drawings, graphs and diagrams and these should be numbered in Arabic numerals consecutively. We prefer color prints or photos and will publish these without any charge to the author(s). Legends are required for figures/illustrations and should be typed on separate pages.

On submission of the manuscript, the authors are required to fill in the form "Acknowledgement of Authorship and Transfer of Copyright Agreement" and should clearly state whether any conflict of interest issue exists. You will be asked to send the form by surface mail or by fax prior to publication.


Articles are received only for exclusive electronic publication in this journal, with the understanding that they have not been published elsewhere (in part or in full, in other words, or in the same words), and should not be under simultaneous review by another publisher, and should not be submitted elsewhere unless rejected by the journal. All biomedical research performed on subjects should be in accordance with international ethic rules and approved by local ethic committees. Ethical committee report of the article should be uploaded to the system during the online submission

A published manuscript becomes the sole property of the journal. Decision concerning editing, revisions, acceptances, and rejections will be made by the editor(s), consultant editors and/or the peer-reviewers, entirely via internet. Following revisions and typesetting, all the proofreading should be made by the corresponding author through internet and returned to the editor within two weeks.


For online manuscript submission

Please use the  address. Do not hesitate to contact to  for any problems.



Peer-reviewers will follow instructions entirely via internet for evaluation, editing and revision processes prepared by  with or e-mail . Peer-reviewers will use the URL address of:  with their specific username and password.



 Journal of Anatolian Medical Research (JAMR)  is a free-access fully-electronic online and publish three times a year.



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