Journal of Energy Systems

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Journal of Energy Systems (JES)
ISSN: 2602-2052


The Journal of Energy Systems (JES) aims to publish high quality research and review papers on energy systems design and implementation. The submitted materials must fulfill the conditions of being innovative, sustainable and practical information to make an impact on the society of energy engineering. The novel research may cover experimental practices, theoretical studies or both of them. The journal promotes the contributions of academic and technical bodies from especially the interdisciplinary research groups, thereby new ideas can be discussed in a scientific manner. 


The Journal of Energy Systems (JES) scopes the following subjects:

• Energy materials production and characterization
• Heating/cooling systems
• Energy/exergy analysis
• Smart grid
• Electrical machines
• Energy efficiency
• Wind energy
• Solar concentrating systems
• Photo-voltaic and their installation
• Nuclear fusion systems
• Harvesters
• Energy transmission systems
• Hydro-energy plants
• Bio-mass systems
• Bio-diesel systems
• Combustion
• Conventional energy systems and recovery
• Off-shore and tidal energy systems
• Engines and their combustion features
• Power electronic systems for renewable energy
• Hydrogen energy systems
• Fuel-cell systems
• Energy statistics and efficiency
• Efficiency in nuclear plants
• Energy education
• Energy informatics

The subjects above give a comprehensive view to understand the related field of the journal, whereas similar multidisciplinary research topics can also be considered as publication material. The journal uses peer-review methodology to evaluate the papers. Each paper is reviewed by at least 2 reviewers. 

Cilt 2 - Sayı 1 - Mar 2018
  1. A numerical model for a Stirling engine
    Sayfalar 1 - 12
    Salem Alaraby Ali Shufat, Erol Kurt, Khaled Mohamed El Hadad, Aybaba Hancerliogullari
Makale Gönder
Submission Process

Contribution to this journal is open to researchers of all nationalities.
All manuscripts should be submitted electronically via the Internet to the JOURNAL OF ENERGY SYSTEMS.
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