Journal of Engineering Technology and Applied Sciences

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Journal of Engineering Technology and Applied Sciences

The objective of the journal is the publication of original research in Applied and Computational Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, Chemistry, Biology, Statistics, Technology, Applied science. The journal has the usual quality standards of scientific international journals and we aim high level of contributions in terms of originality, depth and relevance. JETAS is an open access (JETAS is in accordance with the BOAI definition of open access), free of charge, double-blind peer-reviewed, tri-annual, the journal for the dissemination of applied technical scholarship. Peer Review Process All submitted papers will be pre-screened by the Editor to determine suitability for further review (e.g. correct format,  area of interest). Papers deemed suitable will be peer-reviewed by at least two reviewers. In case of delay on behalf of a viewer, the reviewer may be substituted by another. In case of excessive delay, the paper will be reviewed by members of the Editorial Board. Submitted articles cannot have been previously published, nor be forthcoming in an archival journal or book.


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