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Published by Lectio Press in Turkey, lectio socialis is an international peer-reviewed academic research journal, which has a particular interest in policy-relevant issues of social sciences and related disciplines.

Being an interdisciplinary journal, lectio socialis brings together articles from a textual, philosophical, and social scientific background, as well as from cultural studies.

Some examples of the areas of interest are as such: State and Society Relations; Ethnic Conflicts; Policy-Making and Agenda-Setting; Multilevel Governance; Democracratisation and Civil Society; Social Structures and Integration; Migration; Sustainability and Ecological Issues; Science and Society; Strategic Planning; Public Policy Analysis; Issues of Social Policy; Medical, Public Health and Healthcare Strategies; Occupational Health and Safety; Women's and Gender Studies.  

Being experts in their fields, the editorial and advisory board members and referees belong to several univiersites across the globe.  

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