Publication Process and Policies

Pursuant to mission of the our journal, it is adopted as a principle as fastest as possible by performing publication process contributing to science without deviated from ethics and quality. In this context, articles are to submit our journal from official date of publication until fifteen days. If article deemed appropriate publication does not catch up the closest published date, it is informed by contacting with author that this article will publish in a next issue.

Article sent to our journal are immediately sent to referees. It is given time one week to articles been up to fifteen pages, two week to articles surpassed fifteen pages to our referees. Consequently, publication decision of the an average article does not expire fifteen days upwards sending date to our journal.

Publication Fee

No fee is charged for publishing articles in our magazine. In the following periods, when our magazine enters into the scope of the TR Index and / or SSCI indexes, the policy of remuneration is declared in the editorial writing of the previous issue, and the publication policy is updated in this menu.


Since our paper is a journal of social sciences, in the short and medium term, no contract of transfer of title rights is requested from our article writers. In this case, the rights of the articles published in our magazine belong to our article authors. When it is included in the scope of SSCI index, this information will be given.

Preliminary Assessment of Plagiarism:

In the article preliminary evaluation period, articles of 30% and below reported in the ITENTICATE similarity rate report, excluding the bibliography, will be published.

Example process for March Issue:

March Issue Publication Date: 15 March

Article Sending Date: 1 March

Article Pre-assessment Date: 1-2 March

Article Sending date to referees: 2-9 March

Article Publication Decision: 10 March dated Editorial Board Meeting

Article Publication Preparation: (Editorial Process) The process of the preparation for publication of the article shall not technically exceed five days.

Article Published: 15 March / 15 June / 15 September / 15 December

Article Revised Suggestions: 15-20 March / June / September / December

Journal Publication Final Date: 20 March / June / September / December