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PreeAcademia Procedia publishes proceedings of conferences, seminars and symposiums. PressAcademia Procedia aims to provide a source for academic researchers, practitioners and policy makers in the area of social and behavioral sciences, and engineering.

PressAcademia Procedia invites academic conferences for publishing their proceedings with a review of editorial board. Since PressAcademia Procedia is open-access, the manuscripts presented in the conferences can easily be reached by numerous reserachers. Hence, PressAcademia Procedia increases the value of your conference for your participants. 

PressAcademia Procedia provides an ISBN for each Conference Proceeding Booklet and a DOI number for each manuscript published in this booklet.

PressAcademia Procedia is currently indexed by DRJI, J-Gate, Intsernational Scientifc Indexing, ISRA, Root Indexing and InfoBase Indexing. PressAcademia Procedia is also under review by EconLit and EBSCO.

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