Yıl 2018, Cilt 9, Sayı 3, Sayfalar 11 - 22 2018-10-05

Main Goalkeeper versus his Substitute: which criteria limit the traditional method of selecting the potential goalkeepers?

Mohammed Zerf [1]

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Goalkeeper (GK) is an expert in soccer and goalkeeping is a completely professional job. In fact, achieving success seems impossible without a reliable GK. Face to this credence, our goals were intended to test the limits of naked-eye coach’s appreciation, in selecting the potential goalkeepers via the Algerian championship. Considered by our scientists in their subjectivity to take into account the effect of anthropometric characteristics on quantification of training loads and their relationships with physical performance. Pointed by FIFA in the conviction of the overweight goalkeeper, who should work harder under this dead weight. For this proposal, 28 goalkeepers from eight Oran league teams, second division at Algerian championships. Their homogeneity was assessed giving their qualifications in their teams (14-MG v's 14-SG), as well as their performance in the penalty test. Tested by the flowing trials; Penalty Kicks (PK), drill rule drop (TR), 'T' Drill Test and anthropometric characteristics; body height (BH) & weight (BW) and waist circumference (WC), during the season 2015-2016. As a protocol to predict the differences between selected players, as well as their weaknesses in the penalty test. Based on applied statistics; our results expose the defects of traditional method in the predict of anthropometric characteristics and their influence on training loads to maintain optimal fitness body. Record in the insignificantly of independent t-test in all comparisons practised between MG V’S SG. Advised by the relation BMI to WC size, as higher factors predicting the success of the sample in the penalty test. Supported by similar studies in the quantification of bound training loads, relative with the excess of body fat and its consequences on the physical performance, associated with anthropometric dimensions (shape or type).

observation method, selection procedure, potential goalkeeper
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