Sosyal Bilimler Atıf Dizini veya Bilim Atıf Dizini-Dergi Öz-Değerlendirme için Kontrol Listesi

Sosyal Bilimler Atıf Dizini veya Bilim Atıf Dizini Kapsamında İndekslenmeye Uygunluk Derecesi için Dergi Öz-Değerlendirme için Kontrol Listesi (Checklist for Journal Self-Evaluation for Eligibility to Be Indexed in the Social Science Citation Index or Science Citation Index Expanded)

1The journal has been published regularly for at least three issues (online-only journals have been publishing continuously for at least 9 months with at least one article a month, and at least 20 articles per year).
2The peer-review system is concrete to guarantee scientific integrity.
3The period from submission to publication is less than 1 year.
4The proportion of articles written by editorial board members as corresponding authors is less than 0.40.
5The proportion of articles in one issue written by the same author is less than 0.30.
6The proportion of the non-citable articles is less than 0.20.
7The references are formatted exactly as stipulated in the instructions to authors.
8The proportion of research articles supported by research funds is at least 0.10.
9The journal meets research and publication ethical standards.
10The self-citation rate is less than 0.25.
11Journal title, article title, author, address, abstract, and bibliographic information are fully descriptive.
12The language in which the journal is published is English.
13The aims and scope are unique compared to other SCIE (or SSCI) journals, indicating that the journal would enrich the database. Moreover, the aims and scope are precisely stated in no more than 150 words.
14The number of authors’ countries over the most recent years’ issues is at least 10, and the proportion of articles of which the authors are from a single county is less than 0.50.
15The editorial board members and consultants are from at least 15 countries.
16The total number of total citations is more than twice of the number of citable articles published in given year.
17The manually calculated impact factor of the Web of Science Core Collection corresponds to at least 30% of the Journal Citation Ranking (JCR) in the specific category.
18The citation histories of authors and editorial board members are sufficient to attract established scholars.
19Electronic formats (XML and PDF) are compatible with digital standards.
20The aims and scope, editorial board, archives, instructions to authors, and contact information are stated on the journal’s website.
21A digital object identifier (DOI) is provided for each article.
22Journal title, year of publication, volume, and/or issue number, article title, and author names and addresses are stated on the journal’s website.