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Beer & Antioxidants: Benefits in human health

Lourdes Hernández [1]

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Beer has many properties such as low-calories, protein compounds, minerals and trace elements, vitamins A, D and E, polyphenols, carbon dioxide, and antioxidant capacity which make moderate consumption healthy. Beer is the only beverage which contains Hop (Humulus lupulus) and this make that beer has sedative propriety. The objective of our experiment is measure the antioxidant capacity in urine later consumed a non-alcoholic beer. The trial was conducted in a population of 17 female healthy volunteers and they drink beer in dinner during two weeks. We analyzed the Antioxity Capacity in their urine. In conclusion: a non-alcohol beer consumed during dinner increases antioxidant levels in urine.
Ion channels, cell biochemistry, biophysics, calcium signaling, cellular function, cellular physiology, metabolism, apoptosis, lipid peroxidation, nitric oxide synthase, ageing, antioxidants, neuropathy.
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