Focus and scope (Aim and scope)

The Journal of Limitless Education and Research (J-LER) is published to support the educational activities carried out at all levels of education. The primary goal of J-LER is to bring together trainers who work on innovative approaches to learning in teaching environments. J-LER aims to make readers aware of the innovations and developments that have taken place in the field of education, to improve the educational knowledge and applications of the readers, to provide practical and innovative practical ideas for teaching in educational institutions, and to make the vocational knowledge widespread considering the readers' pedagogical knowledge.


Review Process

• The manuscript loaded on the system will primarily be evaluated in terms of compliance with the ethics and writing rules of the journal. If the manuscript is not prepared in accordance with ethics and writing rules, it is going to be returned to the author - for correction.

• The manuscripts which are considered to be prepared in accordance with ethics and writing rules are directed to the filed editor by the editor in chief.

• The filed editor or the editor sends the manuscript to two reviewers who are experts in their fields.

• The reviewers send their comments for the assigned manuscript to the editor. If one of the reviewers comments a negative opinion and the other reviewer comments a positive opinion for the publication of the manuscript, the submission will be sent a third reviewer. However, if at least one of the previous reviewer reports has very negative statements such as necessity of reconstructing the article, requirement for a major change for the article, etc., the article will not be sent to the third reviewer and returned to the author. The second reviewer report can be terminated without waiting for the review process on making major corrections.

• Two reports are required to publish a manuscript in the journal. However, the final decision on the publication of the article belongs to the editorial board.


Publication Frequency

The Journal of Limitless Education and Research Journal (J-LER) is published three times a year and on the web. It is not published in print.


Open Access Policy

The J-LER has adopted the policy of providing open access. Open access increases the exchange of information in the global environment and has beneficial consequences for humanity.


About the Journal

• The Journal of Limitless Education and Research (J-LER) is an international peer reviewed e-journal publishing original scientific articles in the field of education. The magazine publishes three issues a year on the web, not published in print.

• Editorial Board has right to comment corrections on the submitted articles, to publish the articles or not to publish them.

• The author of the published article is not going to be paid for copyright.

• The J-LER publishes the articles which are written in Turkish and English.

• The submitted manuscripts should not be published in elsewhere or under consideration for publication.

• The articles which are produced from proceedings and dissertations can be published through referring to the meeting or institution.

• The submissions should be processed through dergipark system. The submission attempt through other platforms will not be considered for the publication.