Arama Sonucu: 9917 Aranan: Bastard Feudalism
Cilt 32 , Sayı 3 , Oca 2015 , Sayfalar 151 - 158
Mohsen Ali, Alireza Mirvaghefi, Farzad Asadi
The paper contributes in exploring the beliefs of prospective teachers regarding nature, causes and solution of prevailing social problems of Pakistani society. Qualitative research method was used administering open ended questionnaire to 387 post graduate teacher education learners enrolled in Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad, Pakistan. Respondents were asked to write paragraphs about reasons and solution of different social problems including corruption, unemployment, gender discrimination, domestic and sectarian violence, women harassment, injustice and intolerance. Content analysis of the manuscripts reveals that future teachers are well aware of the existing social problems of the country and have suggestions to eliminate these problems. The student teachers propose expansion in the access of education; legislation and its strict implications to reduce different social crimes; social justice as well as thoughtful understanding of Islamic preaching to eliminate most of the current social problems from Pakistani society
Cilt 5 , Sayı 1 , Oca 2015 , Sayfalar 1 - 19
Muhammed Buzdar, Akhtar Ali
Cilt 17 , Sayı 2 , Oca 2016 , Sayfalar 377 - 389
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of a Computer-Assisted Instruction designed according to 7E model of constructivist learning(CAI7E) related to ‘‘electrostatic’’ topic on physics student teachers’ cognitive development, misconceptions, self-efficacy perceptions and attitudes. The study was conducted in 2006–2007 academic year and was carried out in three different classes taught by the same teacher, in which there were 79 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade university students, in central city of Diyarbakır in Turkey. An experimental research design including the electrostatic achievement test (EAT), the electrostatic concept test (ECT), physics attitude scale (PAS) and self-efficacy perception scale (SEPS) was applied at the beginning and at the end of the research as pre-test and post-test. After the treatment, general achievement in EAT increased (P
Cilt 11 , Sayı 3 , Oca 2010 , Sayfalar 206 - 224
Serhat KOCAKAYA, Selahattin GONEN
Gıda maddelerinin üretimi ve korunması, gün geçtikçe kendini yenileyen, ilerleyen bir bilim dalıdır. Bu bilimin uygulamaya yansıyan yönü, teknolojisi, konunun gereğince bilinmesini, ham maddenin özelliklerinden başlayarak en sonunda tüketici bünyesindeki etkilerine dek uzayan aşamaların denetlenmesini gerektirmektedir. Gittikçe artan dünya nüfusu, artık her gıda maddesinin en akılcı yöntemlerle değerlendirilmesini ve yeni gıda maddelerinin yaratılmasını gerektirmektedir. Bu gereksinme özellikle ülkemiz için de bütün ağırlığı ile ortadadır.
Cilt 1 , Sayı 2 , Oca 1976
Tunay Durgun
In this study, a series of disazo-3-methyl-1H-pyrazole-5-on derivatives (5a-e) ,which can also be found in previous studies, has been re-synthesized. Their structures were verified with FT-IR results and the melting points. Preliminary dyeing experiments with synthesized dyes had been applied to multifiber fabric. All dyeing experiments to Nylon 6,6 (PA6.6) and Polyester (PES) fabric were made in the laboratory and dyeing properties of textile materials used were investigated. In the end, it was found that the synthesized dyes could be applied to fabric, which is made of PA6.6 and PES.Fastnesses were examined according to ISO standards. The following were the applied fastnesses: water, perspiration, washing at 40o C and 60o C, in pool water with 20 ppm, and wet/dry rubbing. All results were compared with closest commercial dyes (T1 and T2). As the results of the fastness tests have been investigated, it can be summarized that staining values of synthesized 5a, 5b, 5c, 5d and 5e dyes, especially for nylon, acetate and PES fibers, are better than T1 and T2, whereas wet and dry rubbing values are worse being between 0.5 and 3s. Chlorined water fastness and color changes of all dyes are equal to each other.
Cilt 20 , Sayı 90 , Oca 2013
- -
Supercritical carbon dioxide (scCO), having liquid-like densities, hereby provides hydrophobic dyes an advantage on dissolving. Their gas-like low viscosities and diffusion properties can lead to shorter dyeing durations compared to conventional water dyeing process. Supercritical carbon dioxide dyeing, a novel dyeing process, is an anhydrous dyeing and this process involves the use of less energy and chemicals than conventional water dyeing processes resulting in a potential of up to 50% lower operating costs. The advantages of supercritical carbon dioxide dyeing method especially on synthetic fabrics encourage the industry’s leading firms to change their dyeing style to this special waterless dyeing technology. In this review, the principle, advantages and disadvantages of dyeing in supercritical carbon dioxide are explained and the scientific literatures and commercial developments are reported and summarized.
Cilt 20 , Sayı 90 , Oca 2013
Hakkı Yasin ODABAŞOĞLU, Osman Ozan AVİNÇ, Arzu YAVAŞ
Cilt 2 , Sayı 2 , Oca 2018 , Sayfalar 1 - 1
. .
In recent years, use of synthetic cannabinoids has been frequently observed in population. There are many articles about the history, type and pharmaco-chemical properties of synthetic cannabinoids in the literature; however the number of articles about the frequency of their detection is limited. Because drug abuse is modern disaster of populations, requirement of definition of risk groups occurred, and we tried to define the risk population in our city.The reports of Duzce University Hospital were retrospectively reviewed. Scan of laboratory codes‘’ bonzai drug level’’ was performed. Positive reports for presence of synthetic cannabinoids ‘’bonzai’’ in urine were investigated. Demographic features as number of patients, gender, mean of age and seasonal distribution were determined.During 4 year period through 2012-2015, 5374 patients were evaluated for bonsai use suspicion. Of totally 335 patients with urine bonsai detected positive (UBDP), 58 were under 18 years old (%17.31).  The average age of UBDP patients was 25 (14-60 years). The average age of UBDP patients was 33, 31, 26 and 25 for each year through 2012-2015 respectively. Male majority was detected; 56 male and 2 females were under 18 years old, and 270 male and 7 females were over 18 years old. The number and diversity of bonsai use have increased significantly in the drug market in recent years. This has led to more widespread and younger population use of the drug, which we can dramatically observe referring to the records.
Cilt Volume 2 , Sayı İssue 1 (1) , Oca 2017 , Sayfalar 56 - 56
Feruza TURAN SÖNMEZ, Harun GÜNEŞ, Halit Berk CANGA, Hayati KANDİŞ, Ayhan SARITAŞ
Objective: Investigating the knowledge and attitude about biocidal products at Havutlu district of Adana province where biocidal products used extensively and agriculture is main source of income. Method: A questionnaire with 13 questions that investigate the knowledge and attitude concerning biocidal products was prepared. Survey was applied face to face to 358 people in Havutlu district in Adana. The research type is descriptive. SPSS 19.0 was used for analysis. Results: 287 people (80.2%) indicated they use biocidal products to kill insects in the house, while 71 people (19.8%) don't. 276 people (77.1%) think biocidal products may be harmful to human health, while 82 people (22.9%) think they aren't. After biocidal application, 2 people (0.7%) had intoxication symptoms. 253 people (70.7%) believes that they are at risk of intoxication during biocidal application process. 219 people (76.3%) say that they comply with biocidal products storage conditions, 68 people (23.7%) say they don't. Concerning attitudes about biocidal products, while choosing; 103 people (35.9%) make choice according to their experience, 82 people (28.6%) according to price, 39 people (13.6%) according to advertisements, 63 people (21.9%) according to suggestions. When asked which properties an ideal product should have; 116 people (32.4%) think it should be harmless to human and other creatures, 107 people (29.9%) think it should be effective to applied insects, 66 people (18.4%) think it should be effective more than one species, 47 people (13.1%) think it should be cheap, 22 people (6.2%) think that it should be effective to only one species. Conclusion: In terms of use of biocidal products Havutlu seems to have a lack of knowledge about the storage and use. Expectation from biocidal product is minimum harmful effect and it's being effective to only applied species. The main factor influencing product selection is experience.    Keywords: Biocidal products, Havutlu District, Knowledge and attitude
Cilt Volume 2 , Sayı Issue 1(2) , Oca 2017 , Sayfalar 43 - 43
Volkan Recai Ötegen, Muhsin Akbaba, Ersin Nazlıcan, Hüseyin İlter, Burak Kurt
The environmental pollution threatens the ecosystem and people more every day. This situation is also valid for Lake Van. For this reason, the alterations of some metal levels were studied according to gender and weight in Van fish (Alburnus Tarichi, Güldenstädt 1814). In the study, beryllium (Be), bismuth (Bi), lead (Pb), cadmium (Cd) elements in the tissues of muscles, liver, gills, gonads and brain of Van fishes were analysed by inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectroscopy (ICP-OES). Highly toxic Be, Bi, Pb and Cd elements were found in the tissues of Van fish. In the study, the metal concentration in the male fishes were found to be higher than the female fishes (p<0.05). According to their weight, the levels were found higher in the 80>Wght group and 80-100 Wght group, and lower in the 100<Wght group (p<0.05).
Cilt Volume 2 , Sayı İssue 1 (1) , Oca 2017 , Sayfalar 14 - 14
Aslı Çilingir YELTEKIN, Ahmet Regaip OĞUZ
To determine TBARS (thiobarbituric acid reactive sobstances), SH (thiols) and NOx (Nitric Oxide metabolites) levels as indicators of oxidative stress, to discuss the correlation of oxidative stres with blood lead (Pb) concentrations and discuss the interactions between NOx and oxidative stress in workers with occupational lead exposure.104 battery workers with lead exposure and 50 healthy controls without a lead exposure were included in the study.  Pb exposed workers were divided into two subgroups according to their Pb concentration; Group A: Pb ≤ 30 µg/dL (n= 52) and Group B: Pb > 30 µg/dL (n= 52).TBARS levels were significantly higher, SH levels were significantly lower in both of the exposed groups when compared with controls. TBARS levels were found to be significantly higher and SH levels were found to be significantly lower in Group B when compared with Group A indicating that the oxidative stress increases with the increasing blood lead levels. There was not a significant difference in NOx levels. The results of the study showed that the prooxidant-antioxidant balance in Pb exposure is disturbed by inducing over-production of TBARS and depleting the antioxidant capacity in a Pb concentration dependent manner. Oxidative stress has been proposed to be a principle mechanism involved in Pb toxicity.  
Cilt Volume 2 , Sayı İssue 1 (1) , Oca 2017 , Sayfalar 208 - 208
Gülsen YILMAZ, Hatice SÜRER, Elmas ÖĞÜŞ, Engin TUTKUN, Hınç YILMAZ, Fatma Meriç YILMAZ
While its readers and listeners accepted the unparalleled literary power and beauty of the Qur’an at the time of its revelation, several theologians and philologists have begun to discuss its i‘jaz beginning from the early third century of the Islamic calendar. Abū’l-Ḥasan ‘Alī b. ‘Īsā al-Rummānī, a leading authority in Arabic grammar, philology, and tafsīr as well as a scholar of rational sciences, was one of the Mu‘tazilite authors who wrote a treatise (risāle) on the topic.In his al-Nukat fī I‘jāz al-Qur’ān, al-Rummānī listed seven features to demonstrate the miraculous nature of the Qur’an: its rhetorical beauty, its challenge with respect to Arabic proce and poetry, the inability of the Arabs to produce a similar text, the general extent of the challenge, its sarf, its prophecy of future events, the use of words and letters in a harmonious way, and comparison with other miracles. In the most part of his work, al-Rummānī discoursed on balagha or the aesthetic effectiveness of the Qur’an on the verbal level and showed how it contributed to its i’jaz. While discussing the balagha, the author analyzed the internal and external structures of the Qur’an as well as its style and expression. In his analysis of the internal structure, he put the emphasis on tashbih (analogy), isti‘arah (metaphor), and mubalaghah (hyperbole). In defining the external structure, he highlighted i‘jaz, telâum, jinas (paranomasia), and fasila (Qurʾānic rhyme). As for the style and expression, he considered tasrîf, tadmîn, and beyan. For each of these literary arts, al-Rummānī brought examples from the Qur’anic verses and compared them with profone speech of the Arabs at the time of the revelation to demonstrate the inimitability and stylistic unsurpassedneds of the Holy Book.
, Sayfalar 7 - 54
Asst.Prof.Dr. Celalettin Divlekci
Türkiye’de kırdan kente göç 1950’lerde başlamış ve 2000’li yıllara kadar devam etmiştir. Kentleşme süreci boyunca nüfusun büyük kesimi Batı Anadolu ve Marmara bölgesindeki metropollere yığılmıştır. Ulaşım imkânlarının gelişmiş olması ile iş sahalarının bu bölgelerde yoğunlaşmış olması göçün yönünü etkilemiştir. Bölgeye göç etmiş olan yığınlar kentte karşılaştıkları kültür ile kentteki insan ilişkilerinin kırsal kesimdekine göre farklı olduğunu görmüşlerdir. Buna ek olarak kente taşımış oldukları kendi kültürlerini de korumuş, kentte niteliğini başkalaştırarak devam ettirmişlerdir. Çalışmamızda küresel kent toplumuna kırsal kesimden iç göç yoluyla gelen insanların kente uyum süreçleri ile kentte kendi yerel kültürlerini ne ölçüde koruyarak yaşatabildikleri incelenmiştir. Kendi yerel kültürleri ile sahip oldukları yerel kimliklerine kıyasla oldukça baskın olan modern kent kültürüne uyum sağlayabilme durumları araştırılmıştır. Konuya ekonomik yönden bakıldığında ise, gelir durumları yaşadıkları bölgenin ortalamasının altında kalan bu grubun kent hayatıyla ilgili beklentileri ve kentin kendilerine sunmakta olduğu imkânlardan yararlanabilme çabaları değerlendirilmektedir. Araş- tırmada bu kişilerin yetişkinleri ile çocuklarının başta yerel dilleri olmak üzere sahip oldukları yerel kültürel değerleri küresel değerler karşısında ne ölçüde koruyabildikleri ve sürdürebildikleri incelenmektedir.
, Sayfalar 37 - 72
İsmail Gündüz
Substance use disorders may have dramatic consequences. We report a case of acute multiple organ fairly related to heroin and cocaine-"Crack" consumption.A 27-year-old man was brought to emergency department unconscious with history of drug abuse. On physical examination his Glasgow coma scale was 10. On neurologic examination besides unresponsiveness bilateral reactive mydriatic pupils were detected. Blood gas analyses showed metabolic acidosis with pH 7.19, Lac: 10 and K+:7.6. Blood biochemistry showed acute kidney fairly; Cr: 2.56, and acute hepatic injury: ALT: 2597 and AST 1795, amylase 700. Blood ethanol level was within legal levels: 3.8. Computed tomography of brain performed in order to evaluate central disorder showed no abnormality and magnetic resonance imaging of brain reported internal border zone ischemia. Despite flood resuscitation organ dysfunction sustained: Urea: 62, Cr: 3.7, ALT>2215, AST>1800, CK: 432, CK-MB 474, CRP: 106, INR: 1.29, and hematuria presented. Narcotic screening reported opiate and cocaine presence. He was taken to dialysis program.The patient suffered a tonic seizure during observation which was treated with 5 mg diazepam intravenously. After totally 7 dialyses liver enzymes reduced, however kidney fairly remained. On day 8 renal parameters were urea: 60 and Cr: 7 and he was discharged from intensive unite. That drugs affect many systems separately is known, but with this case we wanted to emphasize that such chemicals may lead to a chain of reactions resulting with multiple organ dysfunctions.
Cilt Volume 2 , Sayı İssue 1 (1) , Oca 2017 , Sayfalar 151 - 151
Eğitim bilimleri alan yazınında öğrencinin "meşru bilgi" karşısında edilgen bir şekilde konumlandırıldığı belirtilmektedir. Bu çalışmanın amacı müfredatın meşru bilgisi karşısında öğrenci stratejilerini, bilgi ve bilgi ürünleri ile ilişkiyi ifade eden "bilgi ile ilişki" kavramı yardımı ile saptamaktır. Araştırma, tarama türünde bir örnek olay çalışmasıdır. Çalışma grubu Türkiye eğitim sisteminde okumuş ve üniversite mezunu otuz kişiden oluşmaktadır. Veri toplama aracı olarak geliştirilen görüşme formu öğrencilerin kişisel bilgileri ve bilgi ile ilişkilerini anlamaya yönelik sorulardan oluşturulmuştur. Çalışmada "bilgi karşısında sorgusuz sualsiz, resmi bilgilenmeye karşı stratejiler, sermaye olarak bilgi ve öğretmene ve derse göre değişen tutum" olmak üzere dört tema saptanmıştır. Buna göre öğrenciler kendi toplumsal dünyaları çerçevesinde bilgi ile ilişki kurmuşlardır. Öğrenciler müfredatın meşru bilgisi karşısında kabul edici, bilgi biriktirici, reddedici ve seçici bir tavır sergilemişlerdir.
Cilt 7 , Sayı 2 , Oca 2016 , Sayfalar 377 - 391
Temel cümle terimi ile karşılanan yapılara özgü tanım ve değerlendirmelerde dile getirilen özelliklerin her biri, cümlede de bulunan özelliklerdir ve bu özelliklerin önemli bir kısmı da temel cümle terimini açıklamaktan ziyade bir yan cümlenin cümleden ne gibi özelliklerle ayrıldığını belirtmek için dile getirilmiş izlenimini uyandırmaktadır. Dolayısıyla, bu terim, aslında belli bir yapının anlambirimcik, özellik ve kendine mahsus yanlarını belirtmekten uzaktır. Böyle bir terimi kullanma ihtiyacı, temelde bir yan cümle veya bazen de bir iç cümlenin temel cümleye bağlandığı yönündeki görüşten kaynaklanmış gibi görünmektedir. Oysa, yan cümlelerin oluşumunda böyle bir bağlanma değil; bir cümlenin indirgenerek bir başka cümlenin içerisine yerleştirilmesi söz konusudur. İç cümlelerde ise cümlenin herhangi bir indirgeme olmaksızın doğrudan cümlenin içerisine yerleştirilmesinden söz edilebilir. Bu durumda yan cümlenin veya iç cümlenin bağlandığı bir cümle kalmadığına ve yan cümle ile iç cümleyi kapsayan cümlenin “cümle” terimiyle karşılanan yapıdan ayrıt edici bir özelliğinin bulunmadığına göre “temel cümle” diye bir adlandırmaya gerçekten ihtiyaç olup olmadığı konusu sorgulanmalıdır. Bu çalışmada, böyle bir sorgulamaya gidilerek bu noktadaki tercihin “temel cümle” yerine sadece “cümle” terimini kullanmak yönünde olması önerilmiştir.
Cilt 38 , Sayı 2 , Oca 2014 , Sayfalar 123 - 136
Özlem Erdoğan
Abstract Drawing on constructivist perspectives, this study aimed to investigate the tacit knowledge of pre-service English teachers regarding the foreign language classroom by discovering their belief systems mainly through a metaphor analysis. The participants consisted of two pre-service teachers, who enrolled in a practicum class of a one-year intensive teaching certificate course offered at an English-medium foundation university located in Istanbul, Turkey, during the spring semester of 2012-2013 academic year. The possible effects of practice teaching period on the metaphors were also explored. In so doing, the participants were requested to reflect on the metaphors they generated. In this exploratory design, the data collection tools included a metaphor completion task, a semi-structured interview, and follow-up e-mails. The results suggested that pre-service teachers do not enter teacher education as a tabula rasa and that the use of metaphors to reveal previous knowledge was a useful instrument. It was also found that real teaching experience seemed to influence the metaphors expressed prior to practicum. Implications and applications for teacher education and suggestions for future research are discussed. Keywords: Pre-service teacher education, teaching certificate programs, practicum, metaphor analysis, prior beliefs, tacit knowledge Öz Yapılandırmacı yaklaşımı takip eden bu çalışma hizmet öncesi İngilizce öğretmenlerinin yabancı dil sınıfı ile ilgili var olan bilgilerini metafor analizi yöntemi ile ortaya çıkarmayı amaçlamıştır. 2012-2013 eğitim-öğretim yılının bahar döneminde bir vakıf üniversitesinde verilmekte olan bir yıllık yoğun bir pedagojik formasyon programının okul deneyimi dersine kayıt olan iki hizmet öncesi İngilizce öğretmeni çalışmada yer almışlardır. Bahsi geçen okul deneyimi döneminin araştırmaya katılan öğretmenler tarafından dile getirilen metaforlar üzerinde bir etkisinin olup olmadığı da ayrıca incelenmiştir. Bu yapılırken, katılımcılardan çalışma boyunca belirttikleri metaforlar üzerinde yansıtıcı bir şekilde düşünmeleri istenmiştir. Araştırmada veriler metafor tamamlama, yarı-yapılandırılmış görüşme ve takip amaçlı gönderilen elektronik postalarla toplanmıştır. Elde edilen verilerin nitel analizinin sonucunda hizmet öncesi İngilizce öğretmenlerinin mesleğe başlamadan önce tabula rasa olmadıkları ve metafor kullanımının örtülü bilgilerin gün yüzüne çıkarılmasında etkili bir yöntem olduğu belirlenmiştir. Bunun yanı sıra gerçek sınıf ortamında elde edilen öğretim tecrübesinin çalışmada yer alan hizmet öncesi İngilizce öğretmenlerinin okul deneyimi başlamadan önce ifade ettikleri metaforlar üzerinde bir derece etkili olduğu belirtilebilir. Anahtar Sözcükler: Hizmet öncesi öğretmen eğitimi, pedagojik formasyon programları, okul deneyimi, metafor analizi, var olan inançlar, örtülü bilgi
Cilt 6 , Sayı 2 , Oca 2015 , Sayfalar 74 - 96
Volkan İnceçay
“Decreasing Cultural Disparity in Educational ICTs: Tools and Recommendations” are presented, based on a compilation and analysis of relevant research, as a resource for instructional planners and designers. Based on these guidelines and the 14 cross cultural dimensions of learning presented in Henderson’s “Multiple Cultural Model” (1996), the author proposes a new evaluation tool to assess the cultural dimensions of existing ICTs.
Cilt 4 , Sayı 3 , Oca 2003
This paper presents findings from a qualitative study that investigated seven female Saudi Arabian students of the University of Liverpool’s online Masters Programmes. Qualitative, first-person research methods and hermeneutic phenomenology were chosen for the analysis and interpretation of transcripts (Langeveld, 1983; van Manen, 1997; Creswell, 2007, Roth, 2012). The principles of cultural anthropology (Hall & du Gay, 1996; Hannerz, 1992; Lull, 2001; Coleman, 2010) were used to take a snapshot of the interviewees’ particular world to provide an overview of the Saudi Arabian culture where the role of women is at the centre of academic, political, religious and social debate These findings reflect the participants’ everyday lives, identities, values and beliefs, presented in a self-reflective, personal ‘life-world’ story of one single Saudi Arabian woman
Cilt 4 , Sayı 3 , Oca 2015 , Sayfalar 56 - 71