Sakarya University Journal of Education (SUJE) aims to be a source of reference in which academicians studying in various fields of education can publish their studies and have access to related studies.The main aim of the journal is to increase and disseminate the literature in different fields of education. Sakarya University Journal of Education (SUJE) is an international refereed and scientific journal which is published third-annually. SUJE publishes high quality original articles (quantitative, qualitative) and introduction of books which are contributing to Educational Sciences and field education. The language of the journal is English and Turkish.

Our journal, SUJE, can now provide DOI Number over DergiPark. If you have a problem with making submission, please contact us via 2011.suje[at]

Director of the Institute of Educational Sciences

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Halil İbrahim SAĞLAM

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