Turkish Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
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Turkish Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

ISSN 1300-0632 | e-ISSN 1303-6203 | Periyot Yılda 6 Sayı | Başlangıç: 2015 | Yayıncı TÜBİTAK |
Kapak Resmi



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Cilt: 27 Sayı: 1 [tr] Volume: 27 Issue: 1 [en] Son Sayı
Cilt 27 - Sayı 1 - Oca 2019
  1. InGaAs nBn SWIR detector design with lattice-matched InAlGaAs barrier
    Sayfalar 1 - 10
    Fatih UZGUR, Serdar KOCAMAN
  2. Sensorless second-order switching surface for a three-level boost converter
    Sayfalar 11 - 23
    Tarek MESSIKH, Nasrudin Abd RAHIM, Saad MEKHILEF
  3. Iterative sensitivity matrix-based magnetic resonance conductivity tensor imaging
    Sayfalar 24 - 36
  4. Investigating the occurrence mechanism of cytokine-like formations by the electromagnetic approach
    Sayfalar 37 - 45
    Cahit CANBAY, Özgün PALAK, Aydoğa KALLEM
  5. Improving side lobe level of X-band microstrip Rotman lens utilizing nonuniform distribution of output ports
    Sayfalar 46 - 57
    Ehsan ZAREIAN-JAHROMI, Raheleh BASIRI, Parvin SALEHI, Hamidreza KARAMI
  6. Electron energy loss spectroscopy simulation by a frequency domain surface integral equation solver
    Sayfalar 58 - 66
    Ismail Enes UYSAL
  7. Outage probability analysis and adaptive combiner for multiuser multipolarized antenna systems
    Sayfalar 67 - 79
    Abdul Hai Muzammil MOHAMMED, Muhammad MOINUDDIN, Ubaid Mohsin AL-SAGGAF, Ahmad Kamal HASSAN
  8. A compact wide-slot UWB antenna with reconfigurable and sharp dual-band notches for underlay cognitive radio applications
    Sayfalar 94 - 105
    Falih Mahdi ALNAHWI, Abdulghafor Abdulghafar ABDALHAMEED, Husham Lateef SWADI, Abdulkareem Swadi ABDULLAH
  9. Bow-tie-shaped wideband conformal antenna with wide-slot for GPS application
    Sayfalar 80 - 93
    Ratikanta SAHOO, Damera VAKULA
  10. A novel and unified approach for averaged channel capacity and averaged effective capacity analyses of diversity combining and multihop transmission schemes in flat fading environments
    Sayfalar 106 - 119
    Ferkan YILMAZ, Mohamed-Slim ALOUINI
  11. Three-channel control architecture for multilateral teleoperation under time delay
    Sayfalar 120 - 138
  12. Contribution of artificial proprioception on a dynamic finger flexion task
    Sayfalar 139 - 152
  13. Optimal contract pricing of load aggregators for direct load control in smart distribution systems
    Sayfalar 153 - 166
    Mansi JHAMB, Tejaswini DHALL, Tamish VERMA, Hinduja PUDI
  14. Optimal contract pricing of load aggregators for direct load control in smart distribution systems
    Sayfalar 167 - 180
  15. Optimal placement of switching and protection devices in radial distribution networks to enhance system reliability using the AHP-PSO method
    Sayfalar 181 - 196
  16. Optimized modeling of Ni-MH batteries primarily based on Taguchi approach and evaluation of used Ni-MH batteries
    Sayfalar 197 - 212
  17. A developed flywheel energy storage with built-in rotating supercapacitors
    Sayfalar 213 - 229
    Hamidreza TOODEJI
  18. Thyristor-based "phase hopping" frequency conversion technique
    Sayfalar 230 - 242
    Zhengwang XU, Jiarui ZHANG, Yuchun YI, Cheng CHEN, Jiaqi YU, Wei MEI, Daiwei FENG
  19. Power electronic controller with time sharing switching strategy for grid connected PV systems
    Sayfalar 243 - 257
    Maria Jenisha CHARLES, Ammasaigounden NANJAPPAGOUNDER, Binu Ben Jose DHARMAIANRETNAM
  20. Evaluation of power system robustness in order to prevent cascading outages
    Sayfalar 258 - 273
    Farnaaz HAJBANI, Heresh SEYEDI, Kazem ZARE
  21. Improved VSM control of PMSG-based wind farms for transient stability enhancement
    Sayfalar 274 - 288
    Mohamed ABBES, Ines MEHOUACHI, Souad CHEBBI
  22. Determination of distance between DC traction power centers in a 1500-V DC subway line with artificial intelligence methods
    Sayfalar 289 - 303
    Mehmet Taciddin AKÇAY, İlhan KOCAARSLAN
  23. A fuzzy model of directional relationships from the phi-descriptor
    Sayfalar 304 - 315
    Mohammad NAEEM, Nasir AHMAD, Sahib KHAN, Asma GUL
  24. Fuzzy-logic-based robust speed control of switched reluctance motor for low and high speeds
    Sayfalar 316 - 329
    Zeki OMAÇ
  25. Heuristic optimization techniques for voltage stability enhancement of radial distribution network with simultaneous consideration of network reconfiguration and DG sizing and allocations
    Sayfalar 330 - 345
    Mahiraj Singh RAWAT, Shelly VADHERA
  26. Convex polygon triangulation based on planted trivalent binary tree and ballot problem
    Sayfalar 346 - 361
    Muzafer SARAČEVIĆ, Aybeyan SELIMI
  27. A novel metaheuristic optimization algorithm: the monarchy metaheuristic
    Sayfalar 362 - 376
    Ibtissam AHMIA, Méziane AÏDER
  28. Fuzzy logic-based disparity selection using multiple data costs for stereo correspondence
    Sayfalar 377 - 391
    Akhil Appu SHETTY, Vadakekara Itty GEORGE, C Gurudas NAYAK, Raviraj SHETTY
  29. Improving anomaly detection in BGP time-series data by new guide features and moderated feature selection algorithm
    Sayfalar 392 - 406
    Mahmoud HASHEM, Ahmed BASHANDY, Samir SHAHEEN
  30. Data analysis through social media according to the classified crime
    Sayfalar 407 - 420
    Serkan SAVAŞ, Nurettin TOPALOĞLU
  31. Identifying criminal organizations from their social network structures
    Sayfalar 421 - 436
    Muhammet Serkan ÇINAR, Burkay GENÇ, Hayri SEVER
  32. A tree-based approach for English-to-Turkish translation
    Sayfalar 437 - 452
    Özge BAKAY, Begüm AVAR, Olcay Taner YILDIZ
  33. Automatic concept identification of software requirements in Turkish
    Sayfalar 453 - 470
    Fatma BOZYİĞİT, Özlem AKTAŞ, Deniz KILINÇ
  34. A memory-efficient canonical data structure for decimal floating point arithmetic systems modeling and verification
    Sayfalar 471 - 483
    Mohammad Saeed JAHANGIRY, Saeed SAFARI
  35. Formally analyzed m-coupon protocol with confirmation code (MCWCC)
    Sayfalar 484 - 498
    Kerim YILDIRIM, Gökhan DALKILIÇ, Nevcihan DURU
  36. Detection of hemorrhage in retinal images using linear classifiers and iterative thresholding approaches based on firefly and particle swarm optimization algorithms
    Sayfalar 499 - 515
    Kemal ADEM, Mahmut HEKİM, Selim DEMİR
  37. Local directional-structural pattern for person-independent facial expression recognition
    Sayfalar 516 - 531
    Farkhod MAKHMUDKHUJAEV, Md. Tauhid Bin IQBAL, Byungyong RYU, Oksam CHAE
  38. StegoGIS: A new steganography method using the geospatial domain
    Sayfalar 532 - 546
  39. Accurate and compact stochastic computations by exploiting correlation
    Sayfalar 547 - 564
  40. Motion blur image deblurring using edge-based color patches
    Sayfalar 565 - 579
    Xixuan ZHAO, Jiangming KAN
  41. Improvement of quantized adaptive switching median filter for impulse noise reduction in gray-scale digital images
    Sayfalar 580 - 594
    Haidi IBRAHIM, Ahmed Khaldoon ABDALAMEER
  42. A multiseed-based SVM classification technique for training sample reduction
    Sayfalar 595 - 604
    Imran SHARIF, Debasis CHAUDHURI
  43. Optimal set of EEG features in infant sleep stage classification
    Sayfalar 605 - 614
    Maja CIC, Mario MILICEVIC, Igor MAZIC
  44. Boltzmann analysis of electron swarm parameters in CHF3+CF4 mixtures
    Sayfalar 615 - 622
    Hıdır DÜZKAYA, Süleyman Sungur TEZCAN
  45. Comparative analysis of a novel topology for single-phase Z-source inverter with reduced number of switches
    Sayfalar 623 - 633
    Himanshu SHARMA, Rintu KHANNA, Neelu JAIN
  46. A coordinated DC voltage control strategy for cascaded solid state transformer with star configuration
    Sayfalar 634 - 648
    Zhendong JI, Yichao SUN, Cheng JIN, Jianhua WANG, Jianfeng ZHAO
  47. On the stability of inverse dynamics control of flexible-joint parallel manipulators in the presence of modeling error and disturbances
    Sayfalar 649 - 662
    Sıtkı Kemal İDER, Ozan KORKMAZ, Mustafa Semih DENİZLİ
  48. Neural network controller for nanopositioning of a smooth impact drive mechanism
    Sayfalar 663 - 674
    Xiaohui LU, Dong CHEN, Tinghai CHENG, Zhe LI
  49. Synchronization and antisynchronization protocol design of chaotic nonlinear gyros: an adaptive integral sliding mode approach
    Sayfalar 675 - 684
    Fazal ur RAHMAN, Qudrat KHAN, Rini AKMELIAWATI