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Turkish Journal of Mathematics & Computer Science publishes original research articles, review articles and short communications in all areas of mathematics and computer science. This is a quality controlled, peer-reviewed international journal. Subject matters cover pure and applied mathematics, fuzzy theory, theoretical computer science, algorithms, scientific computing, artificial intelligence, use and application of mathematics and mathematical knowledge in natural science, engineering, medicine and the social sciences. There are no submission or publishing charges. Papers submitted to the journal should be written in English.

The average time between submission and final decision is less than 3 months.

TJMCS is an online journal and published twice a year since 2016 by Association of Mathematicians (MATDER). For translation rights and licensed reprint requests please contact the MATDER.

Please, it is recommendable to use the following abbreviation Turk. J. Math. Comput. Sci. when you cite "Turkish Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science".

Volume 7 Son Sayı
Cilt 7 - Sayı - Ara 2017
  1. Fixed Point Theorems on Partial Metric Spaces Involving Rational Type Expressions with C-Class Functions
    Sayfalar 1 - 9
  2. Rate of convergence for modified Srivastava–Gupta type operators
    Sayfalar 10 - 15
    İbrahim Büyükyazıcı, Çiğdem Atakut
  3. Primes of the Form 4m + 1
    Sayfalar 16 - 20
    Öznur Öztunç Kaymak
  4. Some Properties Of Hypergeometric Meixner-Pollaczek Polynomials
    Sayfalar 21 - 31
    Nejla Özmen, Hasan Göksu
  5. Effects of The Peak to Baseline Ratio on Phase Difference of The Coupled Hodgkin Huxley Neurons
    Sayfalar 32 - 39
    Hasan Eskalen, Şükrü Özğan
  6. Contact CR-Warped Product Submanifolds of Nearly Lorentzian Para-Sasakian Manifolds
    Sayfalar 40 - 47
    Shamsur Rahman
  7. On The Konhauser Biorthogonal Polynomials
    Sayfalar 48 - 55
    Nejla Özmen, Yahya Cin
  8. A Note on The Equivalence of Some Metric and Non-Newtonian Metric Results
    Sayfalar 56 - 58
    Bahri Turan, Cüneyt Çevik
  9. Pell and Pell-Lucas Numbers Associated with Brocard-Ramanujan Equation
    Sayfalar 59 - 62
    Dursun Taşçı, Emre Sevgi
  10. Euler-Riesz Difference Sequence Spaces
    Sayfalar 63 - 72
  11. Prolongations of Hypersurfaces to Vector Bundles
    Sayfalar 73 - 82
    Mustafa ÖZKAN, Erdoğan ESİN
  12. Approximation by Composition of q-SZASZ-Mirayan and q-Durrmeyer-Chlodowsky Operators
    Sayfalar 83 - 89
    Aydın İZGİ, Ecem ACAR
  13. Some Generalized Suborbital Graphs
    Sayfalar 90 - 95
    Tuncay Köroğlu, Bahadır Özgür Güler, Zeynep Şanlı