Turkish Journal of Sport and Exercise

e-ISSN 2147-5652 | Periyot Yılda 3 Sayı | Başlangıç: 1999 | Yayıncı Selçuk Üniversitesi |
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The Turkish Journal of Sport and Exercise (TJSE) is published 3 times a year by the Department of Physical Education and Sport Science, Selcuk University. It is a refereed international journal. The journal accepts articles of a high standard on various aspects of the physical education and sport sciences; movement and training, coaching, sport-health, physiology, anatomy, biochemistry, sociology, psychology, biomechanics, kinanthropometry, sport management and other interdisciplinary perspectives. The following types of papers are welcome: original articles, review articles, and letters to the editor. 

The journal was found in 1999. The journal's first name was the Selcuk University Journal of Physical Education and Sport. In 2012, the journal's name was changed as Turkish Journal of Sport and Exercise. 

Cilt 19 - Sayı 3 - Ara 2017
  1. A novel marker to determine arrhytmia risk in elite cyclists: T peak T end
    Sayfalar 313 - 321
    Bulent ISIK, Z. Isik SOLAK GORMUS, Huseyin ASLAN, Abdullah ICLI, Galip Bilen KURKLU, Ozgur CIFTCI, Turhan TOGAN
  2. The effect of a physical activity program on chronic psychiatric patients' positive and negative symptoms and depression levels: A randomized controlled trial
    Sayfalar 322 - 330
    Neslihan LOK, Kerime BADEMLI, Sefa LOK
  3. Comparing some blood parameters of ski racers and long-distance athletes
    Sayfalar 331 - 336
    Metin BAYRAM, Gökhan BAYRAKTAR, Harun AKYOL, Banu CAN
  4. The relationship between body composition and diatary habits in the university faculty members
    Sayfalar 337 - 344
    Fatma ARSLAN, Ozden TASGIN, Sefika Dilek GUVEN, Aysegul OZCAN, Ozen OZBAY OZBAS
  5. Effects of badminton training on some physical parameters in badminton players aged 10 to 12 years
    Sayfalar 345 - 349
    Samet AKTAS, Faruk GUVEN, Yusuf ER
  6. The relationship between agility and orientation ability in judoka children
    Sayfalar 350 - 353
    Mine TASKIN, Alper Tunga PEKER, Halil TASKIN, Alparslan UNVEREN
  7. Leadership styles of futsal coaches from athletes’ perceptions
    Sayfalar 354 - 359
    Selcuk BUGDAYCI, Ugur ABAKAY, Ozlem ZENGIN, Hayri DEMIR
  8. Expressed motives of amateur karate and taekwondo athletes for sport participation
    Sayfalar 360 - 362
    Nurullah Emir EKINCI, Halil BISKIN, Umit Dogan USTUN
  9. The relation between organizational commitment and managerial effectiveness of instructors at schools of physical education and sports
    Sayfalar 363 - 372
    Eyup DALKIRAN, Erkan Faruk SIRIN
  10. The effects of sports on university students' continuous anger and anger sub-levels
    Sayfalar 373 - 379
    Ahmet Gursel OGUZ, Oksay OGUZ
  11. Examining some physical parameters of elite basketball players playing in different leagues
    Sayfalar 380 - 384
    Mehmet Fatih YUKSEL