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St John’s Wort in the treatment against Major Depression Disorder

Sajad Bhat [1]

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Depression is a complex mood disorder with many types and treated in a number of ways. There are large numbers of synthetic drugs which are used in treating major depressive disorder. However they are also found to have bad impact on the health of a patient. Depression is multifactorial phenomenon, in which hormonal and neurotransmitter imbalance plays imperative role in its causation. Though large number of pharmaceutical drugs is available but they also pose serious threat due to extended use as serious side effects also develop. It is very important to look for antidepressants from natural sources which are advantageous, less hazardous and has least side effects on human health. This article aims to focus on specific natural antidepressant St John’s Wort and how it can act as alternative medicine exhibiting the potential for the treatment of depression.
Depression, Natural Antidepressants, St John Worts
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